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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kline's favorite thing for his skin.....

 As we all know, Kline hates stuff put on him!! He has been in a really bad flare for about 2 months and we started to use this great new lemongrass essential oil balm. Aonther red skin mommy makes it for her son Isaiah, who has had a terrible withdrawal process but is healing so nicely with his mama's balms!! This is such a amazing family and this little boy has never know healthy comfortable skin!  Here is Isaiah's story and progress....

                            BRAVE Isaiah's Story

So, Kline's wrists have been very bad. He was rubbing them all night on his pj's and bleeding all over them. Isaiah mom suggested I wrap them with her balm under the dry gauze and it has really helped. Unfortunately Kline will not let me wrap all of him...especially his feet, he is worried they will ooze and then stick to the gauze. Every 4 years old worry, right? NO!!

                          To check out the lemongrass balm that Kline loves click here!


Kline's wrist before and after balm pix with wrapping of lemongrass balm.

 wrist after wraps for about 4 days

today day 5



It's not an over night cure but Kline likes it which is huge..he hates everything we put on him normally. The balm is made with  all organic ingredients and made with the best essential oils...I love it for myself too. I was saving the balm for Kline and I tried his vanicream (KLINE COULD NOT TOLERATE THE VANICREAM, HE SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER..and begged me to put the lemongrass balm on him instead....the vanicream also made him have an all over body rash.) on me and it dried my skin right up, unlike this great balm.  It smells wonderful too.....Stephanie Sells sample sizes which is great because you can try them on the skin first before you invest the money and have yet another jar of lotion you can not use on your skin! I recommend this for anyone with skin! :)

Here are the rest of the pictures of Kline, he has been in a really bad flare...I wish he didn't fight the wraps so much because I do feel like wrapping the rest of him with the lemongrass would help so much! :(

Let me know if you try the balms and how they work for you!!

Happy healing!! xoxox Loren


  1. Hi Loren!

    I found your blog today by accident. I was googling searches/answers for red skin, red blotches etc as my little girl Jasmine (3 yrs) suffers from severe atopic eczema. And of course i have already started listening and reading all about Dr. Marvin Rapaport. makes so much sense why our babies are not healing! Looking at these photos on this post it reminds me of Jasmines wrists and ankles. I have also started a blog not long ago called Nothing new information for you i guess as we haven't even stared the steroid elimination yet. I wish you all the best, and hopefulyl soon soon the "bastard" will go away!

  2. One thing i can say, is that we swear by this vaseline type ointment called Epaderm. It's made in Sweden, i'm not sure if they sell it in US but worth a try. It's truly amazing and moisturising and has no steroids (obviously) and it keeps the skin moist for ages. I also use scratch sleeves under my daughters sleepsuit, which we put on her inside out and wrong way around just to keep her from scratching more and more!
    I can so relate to you when you talk about sleepless nights and anger issues...i'm just the same. My husbands is the calm one...i guess because he never gets up at nights, lol! I do think i need some help myself....or weed! suppose to be natural remedy for calming nerves ;)