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Sunday, August 5, 2012

week 23 off steroids

Well, Kline has been sick on top of the regular red skin shit!  High fever and headaches...but the doctor found nothing.  Not sure if it is just detox from the zija, moringa tree, supplement Kline is on?  He is up to 1 and 1/2 packets, the therapeutic dose.  I am hoping we start to see more improvements once he settles into that dose amount! 

He has had the most improvements though, we went to the river for a swim a few times, and kline even went to the local street festival with daddy and the train museum! We are getting there! Slowly! One step forward one step back. Ugh!!!

Still having lots of baths but the sleep in average is way better than before, thank god!!!!!

Denny and I got to go on a much needed over night date, thanks to Grammy! Kline did great and wants another sleep over with Grammy, I say "anytime, honey!!!!!" ;-)

August brings kline's 6 months anniversary off steroids! We can not wait for that!! Hopefully we'll just have more news of healing every post!

Xoxoxo Loren