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Sunday, August 5, 2012

week 23 off steroids

Well, Kline has been sick on top of the regular red skin shit!  High fever and headaches...but the doctor found nothing.  Not sure if it is just detox from the zija, moringa tree, supplement Kline is on?  He is up to 1 and 1/2 packets, the therapeutic dose.  I am hoping we start to see more improvements once he settles into that dose amount! 

He has had the most improvements though, we went to the river for a swim a few times, and kline even went to the local street festival with daddy and the train museum! We are getting there! Slowly! One step forward one step back. Ugh!!!

Still having lots of baths but the sleep in average is way better than before, thank god!!!!!

Denny and I got to go on a much needed over night date, thanks to Grammy! Kline did great and wants another sleep over with Grammy, I say "anytime, honey!!!!!" ;-)

August brings kline's 6 months anniversary off steroids! We can not wait for that!! Hopefully we'll just have more news of healing every post!

Xoxoxo Loren


  1. I know it is tough to go through these setbacks; but that means Kline is getting better. So glad you, Denny and Kline are getting out to do some fun activities. Come on August, heal Kline!

    Love you! Love 'em everyday!

    GMa and GPa

  2. Six months is a great accomplishment! Way to go!

  3. When I was going through this blog I was wondering that how such a patient would could feel. I think they should get prescribed Anti Anxiety Sleeping Pills as well.

  4. James. Many adults use thosendrugs but not the kids...we do a natural sleeping aide that seems to be helping. Thx

  5. Hi, Me again. I am still dealing with my sons issues still and mine and I think about Kline every so often. I haven't been to your web site in over 20 weeks. I don't have time to read much, but I am happy that he is doing better. I was just reading something ( I research a lot) and it mentions skin problems and eczema, so I thought about Kline. I don't know if this is something that would help him or not (as far as detoxing). You should read up on it though.

    Both me and my son have started taking epsom salt baths but I read that magnesium chloride is better and lasts longer than epsom salts which is magnesium sulfate. It is a wonderful detox among other things, but read up on it and proceed with a bit of caution as I read the OIL can cause itching when applied topically. My son has had 2 baths in epsom salt and I just realized yesterday that his keratosis pilaris was much much better.

    The 2 minerals above are for Zechstein Sea magnesium which is the best. For all I know you may already be using them. : )

    Take care and healing thoughts and wishes to Kline, Kathy

    1. I meant to say the 2 brands above are for Zechstein Sea magnesium which is the best.

  6. Thanks Kathy! We have triedmboth of those things.....the magnesium burns him really badly and I use epsom's incase of an infection. Hope YIU and your little one are doing ok! Xoxoxo

  7. AH, the skin on the floor. I swear I find skin EVERYWHERE!! I sweep in the bathroom multiple times a day not only because my flaky husband thinks scratching in there is the "right place" but we track it into the bathroom from the carpets. I wish I had energy to vacuum more often, but at least I sweep daily.

    And the oozy stink ... it's hard for a pregnant woman's super sensitive nose to handle!

    We seem to be at the stage where the flakiness is located behind the knees and the lower portion of his legs. The rest looks better (aside from the bald spots on his scalp from ringworm!). THe weekly chiro care seems to be helping the drainage and detoxification of his body. Our ND also made homepathic preparations of the drugs my husband was on to further help him detoxify. He takes daily epsom baths, oils with coconut oil ... this will end eventually right?

    What a ride. How are YOU holding up?