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Sunday, June 30, 2013

magic 8 ball!

This week I asked the magic 8 ball if Kline will be completely healed in 3 said.........


That fucker better not be wrong!!!

Come on magic 8 ball, no whammies!!!
16 months off topical steroids which Kline was prescribed non-stop for 2.5 yrs for eczema....still very itchy, oozing in spots...feet are a mess, in bath a lot of the time! Ugh!!!
Xoxoxoxo Loren
kline did get out this week to our local concert in the part!


Monday, June 24, 2013

The longest marathon

Grammy got a new prickly pet....Peggy the hedgehog!

Kline's neck is oozing again but every flare it is a smaller patch...hope we are near the end!


Topical steroids addiction withdrawal, aka, red skin syndrome is much like a marathon.  It isn't a quick fix and it pushes you to the absolute limit. I feel like Kline is at that 26 mile marker after 16 months off the steroids.  We are so close to being healed but we just don't know how fast we will complete that last mile or so. 

There are times in a marathon that you think you can't do it. That you will never finish and that you are just not strong enough to do it.  Just like during red skin syndrome. But you trudge on day in and day out dealing with the pain and suffering and in the end, when Kline is healed it will be our greatest victory!  It will have been a million times harder than any marathon we could have ever run. Harder than child birth.  Harder than anything I have ever experience!

Imagine how incredible and strong we will feel crossing that finish line and saying see you later fuck face itchy bastard! The world will be our......a new perspective, a new chance, and new life!

To all of you running the red skin marathon.....breath deep, itch when you need to...but most importantly don't give up. You can do it too!

Xoxo Loren

Friday, June 21, 2013

What a fucking life!

Well, it was my birthday this week.  Turned 38, gulp! I can say hands down that my 37th year was by far the worst year of my life.

The itchy bastard took the whole year and made it a huge pile of shit! No sleep, no life and pure torture for my sweet little baby bear.

It is Amazing what the human body and mind can deal with and not just completely break down, shut down, and run away! Although I must say there have been plenty of times I wanted to flee......hop on a plane or jump in a car...or get on a donkey for that matter, and get the hell out of dodge!  Somewhere that there was no screaming, somewhere sleep was able, somewhere my baby was not suffering, and somewhere far away from our fucking bath tub!!! But, we stay, that's what we do, we fight and deal and pray that tomorrow will be better.  And when that doesn't work we curse the gods, devils,  and everyone in between. 

So, year 38 of my life...please be better!

Please, let us get rid of the itchy bastard for good!

Please, let us get out of the bathroom and out into the world!

Please, let our marriage have time to mend!

And please, please please...let my baby have a "normal" kids life! With fun trips, playing outside, preschool and friendships!

Please, let the itchy bastard go the fuck away for good!

Thank you, xoxoxox Loren the old lady!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The neck is back at it...oozing! ugh!

kline's new red skin shirt!! Care don't stare!

the oozie monster came back this week..but it seems like every flare the spot is smaller and smaller

i love this pix!
 16.5 months off of topical steroids withdrawal and still itchy! But getting more and more breaks and sleep ok!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our fundrasier yardsale

Kline's painting of the itchy monster and apparently his symbol boobs! lol

Look at all the made for $350!!!!!
Our garage sale was a great success, thank you to all my friends and family that helped and donated items....My mother was a huge help too!!!!!!!!  It was a hot hot weekend but we made a bunch of money!

Also, Please VOTE FOR ITSAN.ORG'S NEW LOGO (IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND).  Itsan could win $1,000...which would be a great help to get the world to know and accept topical steroid addiction!! THANK YOU!!!!


Thank you sooo much, Loren and Kline xoxoxoxoxoox

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kline is Getting Breaks from the itchy bastard!!!!!!!!!

We are SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Kline has been getting breaks from the tub! He is 15 months into his topical steroid withdrawal and finally getting some good breaks!  We did start using antihistamines again and I do think at this stage they are are helping a little. In the first 14 months they did not help at all!!  But now he is sleeping well, still very odd hours for a kid and he has been out of the tub more than in it, in the last 4 days!  God I hope we are close to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do put medicine mama's sweet bee magic on his bad spots, that stuff is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Also, started him on living stream's probiotics, he can tolerate them ok...all the other good probiotic's flared him more!

We do apple cider vinegar and epsom or dead sea salts in his bath.

He is on no special diet.

I don't think any of these things has sped the healing , really it takes as long as it takes and you just have to support them with love, ice packs and a ton of Popsicle!

I am sure he still has some time till healed but we will take the breaks as they come!!
xoxox Loren