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Monday, June 24, 2013

The longest marathon

Grammy got a new prickly pet....Peggy the hedgehog!

Kline's neck is oozing again but every flare it is a smaller patch...hope we are near the end!


Topical steroids addiction withdrawal, aka, red skin syndrome is much like a marathon.  It isn't a quick fix and it pushes you to the absolute limit. I feel like Kline is at that 26 mile marker after 16 months off the steroids.  We are so close to being healed but we just don't know how fast we will complete that last mile or so. 

There are times in a marathon that you think you can't do it. That you will never finish and that you are just not strong enough to do it.  Just like during red skin syndrome. But you trudge on day in and day out dealing with the pain and suffering and in the end, when Kline is healed it will be our greatest victory!  It will have been a million times harder than any marathon we could have ever run. Harder than child birth.  Harder than anything I have ever experience!

Imagine how incredible and strong we will feel crossing that finish line and saying see you later fuck face itchy bastard! The world will be our......a new perspective, a new chance, and new life!

To all of you running the red skin marathon.....breath deep, itch when you need to...but most importantly don't give up. You can do it too!

Xoxo Loren


  1. Oh my! So TRUE!!! I think I am at the 5 mile mark and getting tired! Don't think I will EVER get to the finish line, but deep down inside I know I will eventually! Hang in there Kline!!! You are almost there and the gold medal is YOURS!

  2. You know, with a marathon you can train for it, condition the mind and body to absorb the pounding and aches and tired feelings. Unfortunately, with TSAW and RSS, there is not training, not many supporters along the route handing out water, power bars and words of encouragement. You are all doing it on your own, with the scant help and support from those that are in this race with you, fighting every step of the way to the finish line. For some groups, you have crossed the line, for others, you are getting very close and still others are just starting. Where ever you are along the route to total healing, stay strong, stay connected and remember, pain fades but the strength you have gained from running this race will go on and on. Love you! Love that Kline is healing and never forget to Love 'em everyday! GPa

  3. But mr hedgehog has dry prickly skin too!

    Kline is close to the finish line. Love the photos. You are both great! X