Stop topical steroid abuse!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kline is Getting Breaks from the itchy bastard!!!!!!!!!

We are SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Kline has been getting breaks from the tub! He is 15 months into his topical steroid withdrawal and finally getting some good breaks!  We did start using antihistamines again and I do think at this stage they are are helping a little. In the first 14 months they did not help at all!!  But now he is sleeping well, still very odd hours for a kid and he has been out of the tub more than in it, in the last 4 days!  God I hope we are close to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do put medicine mama's sweet bee magic on his bad spots, that stuff is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Also, started him on living stream's probiotics, he can tolerate them ok...all the other good probiotic's flared him more!

We do apple cider vinegar and epsom or dead sea salts in his bath.

He is on no special diet.

I don't think any of these things has sped the healing , really it takes as long as it takes and you just have to support them with love, ice packs and a ton of Popsicle!

I am sure he still has some time till healed but we will take the breaks as they come!!
xoxox Loren