Stop topical steroid abuse!

Friday, May 24, 2013

pix of klines skin through out withdrawal

Kline's skin on topical steroids
after stopping the steroids
2 months off steroids
3 months off steroids
4 months off steroids
the elephant skin knees
5 months off steroids...full body redness not as red
6 months...starting to get breaks
8-10 months foot infection
12-14 months the damn neck
15 months this week Kline has not looked this good in 1.5 yrs!

Kline is still very itchy...hopefully that will end soon!! But I am amazed at how his skin looks, especially after looking at his old pix. It is amazing how the body can heal if you give it the time to.  No scaring at all.......and we did not use any medication on him and hardly any ointments on him to get him here! The only thing we have done is apple cider vinegar, epsom, or dead sea salt baths and we put medicine mama's sweet bee magic on his troubled areas. You can get it at amazon!! It is great! 

Hopefully we will have good news soon that the itchy bastard is gone for good!! xoxo Loren