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Sunday, October 28, 2012

8 months off topical steroids...

And we still have a way to go...but there has been healing!! I swear!!

Here is Kline's skin while STILL using topical steroid in Feb. 2012

And here he is Last week 8 months off steroids! Oct. 2012
He has his problem spots still for sure....his feet are super messed up still from the infection and the spots we used the most steroids have a way to go.  But there has been a ton of healing!!! He is still itchy a lot and in the bathtub a lot!! But he is getting more and more breaks!! I hope he will be 100% soon!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I have stopped praying every night as it doesn't seem to help a bit! ;-\  Just don't think god works that way anymore...if he/she did there wouldn't be people/children dieing from cancer and on 9/11 the towers never would have fallen as I am sure all of those people were praying to make it home safely.  So, I have put my energy into lovin' on Kline and drinking more wine! ;-)



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

week 33.5 pictures! our little monkey!

his feet are free from infection but have a very long way to go to heal! bummer! i hope he will be able to trick or treat this year!!!!!?????  We r almost 8 months off steroids! ugh!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

When you think the worst can't get any worse, it gets worser!

 his feet on saturday
 then over night all hell broke loose and sunday he was oozing yellow, and could hardly walk!

 monday he was still oozing and then they started to bleed...has not walked since sunday.

Well, he we r celebrating being done with our 7th month off topical steroids, to be hit by a mack truck full of a bacterial and yeast infection all over his feet and ankle.  The poor baby can't walk and is in so much pain, I'd say a 10, and this kid can take a lot of pain.  It is so sad to not only see him flare but on top of that see him suffering so much for the infections.  So frustrating and sad.....we are at our wits end!  How much more can we take?

The infection is so different from the red skin.....his feet are oozing yellow and blood and smell like rotten skin.  The holes in his feet are huge and the doctor said it felt like a very bad burn.  I hope he heals quickly on the meds and thankfully the codeine is helping him sleep a little.

I'll keep you posted on my brave little man. 

Also, if you could click on the mommy's blog voting ( top left of blog) that would be blog got accepted on their site but I need people to click on the link to keep it active. I am hoping this will be another way to bring more awareness to topical steroid addiction. Thank you so much and keep Kline in your thoughts! Xoxoxooxo

One fed up mama!