Stop topical steroid abuse!

Friday, May 24, 2013

pix of klines skin through out withdrawal

Kline's skin on topical steroids
after stopping the steroids
2 months off steroids
3 months off steroids
4 months off steroids
the elephant skin knees
5 months off steroids...full body redness not as red
6 months...starting to get breaks
8-10 months foot infection
12-14 months the damn neck
15 months this week Kline has not looked this good in 1.5 yrs!

Kline is still very itchy...hopefully that will end soon!! But I am amazed at how his skin looks, especially after looking at his old pix. It is amazing how the body can heal if you give it the time to.  No scaring at all.......and we did not use any medication on him and hardly any ointments on him to get him here! The only thing we have done is apple cider vinegar, epsom, or dead sea salt baths and we put medicine mama's sweet bee magic on his troubled areas. You can get it at amazon!! It is great! 

Hopefully we will have good news soon that the itchy bastard is gone for good!! xoxo Loren

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yo, Itchy Bastard, GO AWAY!!!!!

Dear Itchy Bastard!

I don't know what your deal is but you are one toxic, sadistic, mother fucker!  You have long out stayed your welcome, as we have tried evicting you for the last 4 years of Kline's life!  I can not tell you how many hours you have consumed my mind with worry.  How many hours of sleep you have stolen from our family.  How much pain you have inflicted on my son.  Enough is've done your damage and we have survived so far.  You will not ruin our lives any longer. You will not ruin our family, our marriage, our spirit! You will not survive like we will.  We will beat you, you tricky little fucker.  Kline is a great warrior....far stronger than any itchy bastard.  So, take note, itchy bastard may not be today, but one day you will be concurred will be demolished and we will WIN this battle!  Warrior Kline will win this war and save our kingdom from eternal itchy damnation!  So you get the point itchy bastard, GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!!!

I would like to  thank you in advance for leaving!
All the best to you as the door hits you in you big fat itchy ass!
Loren , Kline and Denny

Kline update......his skin has not looked this good in 1.5 years!!!  His skin is so soft and his only dry parts are feet, neck, hands and scalp.  His oozing is gone!  But now his itch is insane....he is back to all day, 18 hour, tubing.  Many of the adult that have healed and older kids, say that the itch intensifies closer to healing.....god I hope they are right!  We are 14.5 months into topical steroid addiction withdrawal and still fighting!

Good luck to all out there suffering from skin issues and the itchy bastard!  He really fucking sucks! Xoxoxo Loren

Friday, May 3, 2013

Klines 4th birthday Pictures and the update on his oozing neck!

The itchy bastard stayed away for Kline's birthday party! Yeah!!

Jump those itchies out!!

Kline and "K"  Kline's red skin syndrome girl friend who is 100% healed!!!

Kline and Grammy

Kline and Daddy

Kline and GrandDee

the oozie neck a month ago!

see ya oozie monster! I sure hope you don't visit us again ever!!!!!Kline's neck this week now that the ooze stopped!

the ft still give him problems and are very itchy!

beautiful healing happening!

our crazy little family and our beautiful home
Kline had a great birthday...his red skin girl friend "K" came to visit us.  It is always so great to see the ones that have healed from red skin syndrome like "k"!  Yeah what a brave little girl! 

Kline's party was so nice and the itchy bastard was not invited and did not show up!

He is now 14 month off of topical steroids , which were over prescribed and over used for his eczema.  He is still very very itchy and still in he tub a lot! He is getting a lot of good California sun which should help the healing. The best news we have for all of you is.........his neck stopped oozing!!!!!  It is really starting to heal and he no longer looks like a burn victume.   He still has problem areas, neck, bum, feet, but we are getting there , slowly!  He also had 2 or 3 good nights of sleep!!! yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Love to you all!