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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crap! all I ate for dinner was dessert!

I work at a high end restaurant some nights doing banquets in squaw valley , called plump jack. I have been trying to limit my sugar intake a little to get ready for full gaps. I cut kline's completely out so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, eating nothing but chocolate moose with homemade marshmallows, and chocolate covered strawberries for dinner. But omg, they were amazing!!!!!! I Pretty much made myself sick gorging on them. But I think right now I am thinking, " I may never have these again for years, I have to eat them all!!!! Now!!!!!".

I gave up sugar when I was doing ivf to get pregnant with Kline , for about 3month, then when I got to my 2nd trimester I started to eat sugar again. I went right to the store and bought a family size bag of peanut m&m's, one of my favorites! I at the whole thing on the drive home, which is only about 10minutes! From that point on I ate so much sugar, I was making up for lost time! I guess that may have had something to do with my massive 65 lb weight gain during my pregnancy. It took me 2 years to work it off after Kline was born and I still don't have my old body back. So, I guess I am worried if not having sugar for so long may make me crazy when I finally do eat it again. I hope not! Why do all the bad things have to taste so damn good? Lord help me get though this intro diet! It is easier to cut Kline off from foods than it is to cut myself off, I am such a mean mommy. Poor Kline.

Feeling guilty! Xoxoxox the sugar eater! Loren p.s. I also has potato chips! Oops!

here is a video pf us making cocoa chocolate!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I am so sad to have to cancel klines swim lessons!!

Today Kline is supposed to go to swimming, but his skin is so bad I am going to put his lessons on hold. He has been taking swim lessons in Reno at silver bear and he loves it!! He is starting to use his scoopers and even take a pop up breath. He's been going once a week for a year! But, i really want to get his skin under control before he starts up again, hopefully it will only be for a month or so!!! It a sad day for us, probably more for me!!! It is the only thing he does with out me since his food allergies are so bad! Come on gaps, let Kline swim again! Xoxoxoxo Loren

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kline actually ate some beef stock!! Yahooooooooo!

Last night for din din, I made beef stock stew, (beef, stock, carrots, celery and garlic.) and kale chips( kale, coconut oil , and salt, bake 10mins @350... or until crispy)

The stew was pretty good and I do not like beef stews or beef in general. And the kale chips were yummy but I put way too much salt on them.

At first Kline was like, "oh, hell no!" but then after I said I would make him banana ice cream, If he drank all of his broth and some meat, he was into eating and drinking the broth. This is huge because for 2weeks I haven't been able to get him to drink broth at all! So he ate and as a treat I gave him ice cream!!!!

I know you are thinking ice cream can't be allowed in a sugar free diet!! Well, let me tell you how I made the ice cream.

-Take ripe banana's ( I got a large bag of ripe banana's for 99€ at whole foods) what a deal!!!!!!

-Peel them and put them in a zip lock in the freezer.

- take them out of the freezer and blend them till smooth.

And you have banana ice cream, delish!!! One ingredient and no sugar and it got my kid to drink his broth! Which is so important on the gaps diet!

Unfortunately, banana's aren't allowed till stage 6 in the intro diet, so this bribing won't work till then! Bummer!

Kline is starting to feel better.....from the pneumonia that is. His skin is still a mess! Last night we gave him an Epsom salt bath and used extra virgin olive oil on his doesn't seem to burn as much as all the other cream! I also started him on cod liver oil, which is supposed to help eczema.

Sometimes I feel like I am shooting into the biggest open to kill a fish , not a bucket!

I'll keep you posted on his skin! I think we have 4weeks till we are on intro gaps. Holy crap! We still have to ween him off juice and fruits and finish most of our not allowed foods! mean while I am stocking up on stock and trying gaps legal recipes. I bought a bunch of gizzards & cow heart and I have no idea what to do with those, better start reading!

Have an un-itchy day! Xoxoxoxo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

our medical issues before there's a long list!

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Eat me mommy!"~Kline"s 6 degrees of scratching!

I must first say that Kline doesn't say itch me......he says "eat me!". Which make this story even more disturbingly funny! He also calls his penis , peenee.

Last night at the dinner table Kline pulled down his pants and said, "eat my peenee, daddy!".... we couldn't help to laugh, right?! But then he started to cry and after a few minutes he could tell daddy was in fact not going to " eat his pee nee!" , at least nit at the dinner table! Kline knew if he cried enough he may have a good change that pushover mommy may. So, there at the dinner table, I "eat" my son's pee nee! What the ........? Thank god we didn't have friends over or that we were out at a 5 star restaurant or at a 1 star restaurant for that matter! The things you do for your itchy eczema baby!!

Kline is very one with his package! In November he had to get an emergency circumcision because his skin is so sensitive his little pee nee holes developed scar tissue and was closing up on him, lots of tests and $3,000 dollars later, he has a "new pee nee". Which he will show to anyone, "see my new pee née!".(oh, it sounds so French when my iPad changes peenee to pee née ) Thank god we don't go to church, could you imagine in the middle of mass......" eat my pee nee, mom, now!!!!!" or " hi father, your holiness, See my new pee nee!".

At night , in the dark, my itching skills are really challenged. He will say "eat me here!". And well, "I can't see Kline!!!!! Where is here, use your words!" So he'll say" my ankle" I'll itch his ankle, and he'll start yelling at me "no, here!!" oh ok son, I didn't realize that when you said ankle you mean the one on your shoulder!!! What was I thinking? This goes on all night, he gets frustrated at me because I am not " eating him "where he wants to be eaten and I get frustrated at him because he is yelling at Me at 4am in the morning!

Kline doesn't just like us to "eat him", there are different types of eating that he insists on.....

There's the regular "eating"
And scratching, which I have taken as " eat me harder!"
there is the petting, "pet me,mommy!"
then the rub.
And Don't forget the tickle
And finally, there is the over stimulate, " don't touch me!"

This goes on most of the night, if not all night and most of the day! I can't wait to see if this gaps diet will make our nights less crazy with, rubbing and eating!?!? I hope to never " eat my sons pee nee" at the dinner table again! That is just wrong!!!!! Xoxoxoxoox Loren

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oooh, our marrow bones just arrived!!!!!!

2 weeks ago I didn't eat mammals and rarely ate animals, neither did Kline, as his allergy skin test showed him allergic to all meat except cod! Now I am ordering bone marrow beef bones from u.s. wellness meats! Google them! Hell has frozen over people!!!!!!!!

Kline was so excited he thanked the FedEx guy!

Disclaimer~I am sorry to say that animals have been harmed during the making of this blog, but atleast these animals lived on a happy farm, roamed and ate the grassy plains, and hopefully lived the best life a cow, chicken, turkey and pig could live!!!! Sorry little animals, I am thankful for your healing qualities and your lives! ;0)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

well, kline has pneumonia! One sick baby!

On Monday I took Kline to urgent care because he had had a fever, cough, tummy ache, and bad eczema/rash all over his body. The Dr. thought it was scarlet fever/strep...did a culture and it came back negative but said she pretty much new that's what it was and wanted to let the culture go to a lab. She never checked his lungs, just his heart! Now it has been 2 full days on antibiotics and nothing has gotten better, his skin is the worst I have ever seen it and he has a terrible cough! Arg!! We went in to his regular peds office and after reading me the riot act about not using steroid cream enough or his antihistamine, she listened to his chest and said for sure it is pneumonia.

My poor baby, I am so over western medicine...I am pretty sure his skin outbreak has nothing to do with me not pumping him up with steroids . This is what his body does when it is trying to heal something else...I think his body is normally working so hard to heal his skin that if it moves somewhere else to heal, and the eczema takes over. I sure hope my little guy feels better soon! His skin is actually bleeding in spots! Ouchie! Sleep well Itchy babies everywhere! xxoxoox Loren

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to our blog, what the hell am I thinking?

So, About 2 weeks ago my friend told me about the gaps diet. Diane said that she and 2 other families in the Tahoe are were gong to start it in April. She said it was "extreme" and I said "sign us up!" I stayed up for nights reading and doing research and I was finally hopeful after hearing all the amazing results with eczema, food allergies, and even reversing autism!

2 days later, I took Kline off of all sugar (except Honey) and got rid of most of our processed food, bummer!!!! When I said "Get rid off", I actually passed them over the fence to my neighbor and gave some to the homeless shelter my mom volunteers at. I felt pretty bad doing this, passing on disease, but they were going to eat that crap anyways, so mys-well save them the money! ;0) We had 6 weeks till the intro detox diet would start and I wanted to make the detox a little easier on Kline by taking the sugar out before hand. Let me tell you he is a "D D" junky( AKA CANDY). No candy with eggs, nuts, or dairy but plenty with full on sugar and food coloring! One of our most favorite pastimes is baking cakes and cookies and making vegan chocolates! Yummy! I have to admit he did better with the no sugar thing than I did, I snuck chocolate every night, I too am a sugar hound!

I started making bone broth soups and tried to get Kline and my husband to eat the soup, did I mention that my husband is super picky, he is the processed food king! I made my own fresh coconut keifer and yogurt and they weren't too bad! Kline still won't eat any of it!

I ordered all the books,a juicer, probiotics, keifer starter kit, and bone marrow bones from uswellness is definitely expensive to start this diet but I think in the long run there will be a lot less food waste, garbage, and hopefully less Dr. bills!!!!

Now, we are in the process of getting ready to start the intro diet, I am cooking, reading, and learning, oh yeah, i may have OCD tendency's!! And Kline is pretty much not eating any of the food I am making with love, brat!

Tomorrow , I plan on making a veggie soup and my very 1st fermented sauerkraut! God help me, I don't even know what ferment means! Sleep well itchy babies every where! xoxox Loren

P.S. I should add that as I am typing this, I am eating a nice piece of chocolate! Hey, don't judge me, I have 5 weeks till the detox starts!!! ;0)