Last night for din din, I made beef stock stew, (beef, stock, carrots, celery and garlic.) and kale chips( kale, coconut oil , and salt, bake 10mins @350... or until crispy)

The stew was pretty good and I do not like beef stews or beef in general. And the kale chips were yummy but I put way too much salt on them.

At first Kline was like, "oh, hell no!" but then after I said I would make him banana ice cream, If he drank all of his broth and some meat, he was into eating and drinking the broth. This is huge because for 2weeks I haven't been able to get him to drink broth at all! So he ate and as a treat I gave him ice cream!!!!

I know you are thinking ice cream can't be allowed in a sugar free diet!! Well, let me tell you how I made the ice cream.

-Take ripe banana's ( I got a large bag of ripe banana's for 99€ at whole foods) what a deal!!!!!!

-Peel them and put them in a zip lock in the freezer.

- take them out of the freezer and blend them till smooth.

And you have banana ice cream, delish!!! One ingredient and no sugar and it got my kid to drink his broth! Which is so important on the gaps diet!

Unfortunately, banana's aren't allowed till stage 6 in the intro diet, so this bribing won't work till then! Bummer!

Kline is starting to feel better.....from the pneumonia that is. His skin is still a mess! Last night we gave him an Epsom salt bath and used extra virgin olive oil on his doesn't seem to burn as much as all the other cream! I also started him on cod liver oil, which is supposed to help eczema.

Sometimes I feel like I am shooting into the biggest open to kill a fish , not a bucket!

I'll keep you posted on his skin! I think we have 4weeks till we are on intro gaps. Holy crap! We still have to ween him off juice and fruits and finish most of our not allowed foods! mean while I am stocking up on stock and trying gaps legal recipes. I bought a bunch of gizzards & cow heart and I have no idea what to do with those, better start reading!

Have an un-itchy day! Xoxoxoxo