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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

well, kline has pneumonia! One sick baby!

On Monday I took Kline to urgent care because he had had a fever, cough, tummy ache, and bad eczema/rash all over his body. The Dr. thought it was scarlet fever/strep...did a culture and it came back negative but said she pretty much new that's what it was and wanted to let the culture go to a lab. She never checked his lungs, just his heart! Now it has been 2 full days on antibiotics and nothing has gotten better, his skin is the worst I have ever seen it and he has a terrible cough! Arg!! We went in to his regular peds office and after reading me the riot act about not using steroid cream enough or his antihistamine, she listened to his chest and said for sure it is pneumonia.

My poor baby, I am so over western medicine...I am pretty sure his skin outbreak has nothing to do with me not pumping him up with steroids . This is what his body does when it is trying to heal something else...I think his body is normally working so hard to heal his skin that if it moves somewhere else to heal, and the eczema takes over. I sure hope my little guy feels better soon! His skin is actually bleeding in spots! Ouchie! Sleep well Itchy babies everywhere! xxoxoox Loren


  1. We pray every day that You, Denny and the Doctors find a cure and relief for Kline's allergies. We will keep after find the right cure for Kline. Love 'em everyday!

    Ma & Pa

  2. It's awful what our kids have to go through with eczema. I'm so sorry your son has such and extreme case. Our son did as well, but once we identified the triggers, most of which were food related, his skin cleared up within days. It was amazing. Good luck! Looking forward to following your story.


  3. Oh, your poor baby! I really hope GAPS works for him!!