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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to our blog, what the hell am I thinking?

So, About 2 weeks ago my friend told me about the gaps diet. Diane said that she and 2 other families in the Tahoe are were gong to start it in April. She said it was "extreme" and I said "sign us up!" I stayed up for nights reading and doing research and I was finally hopeful after hearing all the amazing results with eczema, food allergies, and even reversing autism!

2 days later, I took Kline off of all sugar (except Honey) and got rid of most of our processed food, bummer!!!! When I said "Get rid off", I actually passed them over the fence to my neighbor and gave some to the homeless shelter my mom volunteers at. I felt pretty bad doing this, passing on disease, but they were going to eat that crap anyways, so mys-well save them the money! ;0) We had 6 weeks till the intro detox diet would start and I wanted to make the detox a little easier on Kline by taking the sugar out before hand. Let me tell you he is a "D D" junky( AKA CANDY). No candy with eggs, nuts, or dairy but plenty with full on sugar and food coloring! One of our most favorite pastimes is baking cakes and cookies and making vegan chocolates! Yummy! I have to admit he did better with the no sugar thing than I did, I snuck chocolate every night, I too am a sugar hound!

I started making bone broth soups and tried to get Kline and my husband to eat the soup, did I mention that my husband is super picky, he is the processed food king! I made my own fresh coconut keifer and yogurt and they weren't too bad! Kline still won't eat any of it!

I ordered all the books,a juicer, probiotics, keifer starter kit, and bone marrow bones from uswellness is definitely expensive to start this diet but I think in the long run there will be a lot less food waste, garbage, and hopefully less Dr. bills!!!!

Now, we are in the process of getting ready to start the intro diet, I am cooking, reading, and learning, oh yeah, i may have OCD tendency's!! And Kline is pretty much not eating any of the food I am making with love, brat!

Tomorrow , I plan on making a veggie soup and my very 1st fermented sauerkraut! God help me, I don't even know what ferment means! Sleep well itchy babies every where! xoxox Loren

P.S. I should add that as I am typing this, I am eating a nice piece of chocolate! Hey, don't judge me, I have 5 weeks till the detox starts!!! ;0)