Kline's "issues"

~majorly severe food allergies, to eggs, dairy, and all nuts (antiphalactic)....he has also tested allergic to coconut, barley, rice, beef, poultry, pork, citrus, shellfish, all fish but cod, legumes, lentils...and I think that's it!!!

~eczema, sometime really bad and sometime ok..right now it is really really bad!! Itchy itchy itchy!!

~chronic constipation

~he was a forceps delivery...ouch!!

~ prolapsed rectum

~tantrum and terrible 2 year old syndrome

~crazy amount of energy

~oh and did I mention he is sometimes a biter, hitter, kicker, puncher, and a pincher. But he is also a sweet heart!!

~Lots of knee pain at night, I thought they were growing pains but now I'm not sure?

~grinds his teeth

Other than that.....pretty healthy! And he has a new peenee!

My "Issues"(Loren)

~infertility, I have tried to get pregnant since I was 26..... So probably about 9years of trying! Kline was an in-vitro baby..thank god for modern medicine and the Nevada for reproductive medicine....we love dr. Scott Whitten! I recently did a frozen embryo transfer but none of the embryos took...we r going to try on our own for a little while and then maybe do an iui, inter uterine insemination. But who knows, maybe gaps will help me out there too?

~chronic constipation since birth

~prolapsed rectum as a child

~ hemorrhoids since I was about 20.... Sorry tmi!?!?

~vulvadynia, irritated vulva since I was little... causing pain during intercourse, also bike riding and horse riding! Really any kind of riding at all! ;-)

~yeast infections since childhood

~urinary track infections on and off for years!

~ learning disabilities

~ post-par tum depression

~grind teeth at night and dislocated my jaw because of it.

~fluctuation in weight gain and loss

~terrible stomach aches since birth, colic as a baby, acid reflux and an adult

~god awful gas! I can clear a stadium let alone a room!

~ gluten intolerant, cause more constipation

~I am a nail biter! I pretty much eat my whole fingers nails and skin, I often make myself bleed. I ow it is so gross but I can't stop, not for any long period of time anyway! I must be skin deficient or something? ;-/

~never ending tailbone pain from breaking my tail bone 2times, one in high school and then again during delivery of Kline!

~ bowel impaction after child birth...ouch and yuck!!!

Well, I think that about sums us up! I hope, I didn't realize our list would be so long and personal!!! ;0) So, now let's see how many items on this list get checked off by gaps!

Let me leave you with a cute Kline story....

Kline came over to me and said, " I have a surprise in my pants!" and he pulled out..........

a box car people, get your mind out of the gutter people! ;0) Kids do same the damnedest things!

Xoxoxo Loren
** Here is a video of Kline and I making vegan sugar free cocoa chocolates..i think they would be full gaps legal but not sure...sorry my kitchen is a mess!