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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oooh, our marrow bones just arrived!!!!!!

2 weeks ago I didn't eat mammals and rarely ate animals, neither did Kline, as his allergy skin test showed him allergic to all meat except cod! Now I am ordering bone marrow beef bones from u.s. wellness meats! Google them! Hell has frozen over people!!!!!!!!

Kline was so excited he thanked the FedEx guy!

Disclaimer~I am sorry to say that animals have been harmed during the making of this blog, but atleast these animals lived on a happy farm, roamed and ate the grassy plains, and hopefully lived the best life a cow, chicken, turkey and pig could live!!!! Sorry little animals, I am thankful for your healing qualities and your lives! ;0)


  1. Just wanted to remind you that Kline's Great-Great Grand Ma(Eva) had eczema and so did you cousin Todd. Great Grand Pa on my side of our family did not have eczema, nor did Great Grand Ma. I don't think that Great Great Grand Ma's family had it, they are from St. Johns, Newfoundland. So, it tends to have me believe that Kline got it from the Finish side of his lineage. Remember that liver cysts are also prevalent in people from Finland or of Finish extraction. Great Grand Pa had them and so do I. I tried to find a linkage on the internet; but haven't had any luck yet. So, I guess I'm saying it could be genetic and not totally allergy related. Hon suggest I try So I will keep looking, but you might want to tell the Dr about Kline's lineage from Finland. Love you!

    1. I can't figure out how to comment so I'm replying to this comment!

      I'm sorry about Kline, my son was the same way for months when he was a baby. It's been gradual but he's better. But right now having a break out... I'm from the Gaps group btw. We just started. Make sure you do detox baths. I thought the ACV would hurt but he seems fine. Also we use Shea Butter and Olive Oil for moisturizers b/c nothing else seemed to help. Even coconut oil seemed like it may not be good for eczema but some claim it's the best. Also try to get a completely chemical-less laundry detergent if you haven't already. We started using Naturoli's soap nut and it's the best. I konw you know everything to do but I thought I'd add. B/c I know how desperate you may feel. GAPS won't necessarily make it better in the beginning either... so get ready for that. email me if you want more tips

    2. Rose, thank you so much acv do you put in the bath, and I can't put anything on his skin right now that does not burn like crazy! Steroid cream vanicream, etc......what kind of laundry detergent do you buy? And where, I've just been getting hypoallergenic stuff at the grocery store....probably still has crap in it and it's not organic! Thank you so much, what is your email? Or u can email me at thanks again, klines blog today is pretty funny if you want to check it out! Xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I second that you should try soap nuts. Can you tell I love amazon? : )

    Btw, what does marrow taste like?

  3. Howdy, Kline is severly allergic to all nuts, so we will stay away from this, but thank you both for the advice, I'll do anything!!! Bone marrow just tastes like bone broth to me, we don't ea the actual marrow just soaking with the is supposed to be awesome for healing! Xoxoxox loren