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Friday, November 30, 2012

The crazy ass shit your kids can say!

Kline is 40 weeks off steroids.....I tried to start vlogging so here is my 1st one. I hope it works. Please let me know if you like this or writing better.  Beware this video contains adult language and no that is not a booger hanging out of  my nose, I have a cut on it, and no not from picking my nose too much! lol

Here are pix of kline this week while in tub can see his neck and arms and feet still give him the most problem.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

we are all losing our shit!

9 months 39.5 weeks off topical steroids and we are losing it!  we are all so over this life , constant screaming...luckily my husband and i lose our shit at different times but know that we both lose it!  not sure when we will have our life back, but we are very regretful for using steroids for so long and so much for klines  eczema.....  crap ola!
xox loren

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is the tub a crutch??

Here we are at 37.5 weeks off topical steroids which Kline was on for 2.5 years for eczema...and yes the .5 is very important! ;-)

These days Kline wants in the tub before his flares even get bad. I think he is using the bath as a crutch.....I know it helps the pain and itch of the flares but I think he could be out of the tub more than he is if he would fight through the flares.  But he is a kid and I can not convince him to push through the pain.  I imagine one day he will not be a merman, but for now we are looking for Ariel to keep him company.

His skin is looking great. He has a bunch of small red bumps on his torso that are coming to a head....look like pimples??? They don't bother him at all so I am trying to ignore them! He is sleeping better...but I don't want to jinx it so, shhhhh!

We are using "medicine mama's sweet bee magic" on his skin right after bath with his eczema pj's over it.  He likes that ointment the best! You can get it on amazon.

We stopped using the medical marijuana Olive oil at night and Tylenol with codeine, since he seemed to become immune to them and they were no longer helping the itch or sleep.

We Are almost done with month 9 and I can not wait for the crap year of 2012 to be over!!!!

Have a great itch free, rash free week!
Xoxox loren

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Kline got to go trick or treating and was out of the tub 4 hours!!  His skin is looking so good!!!  He is getting a few more breaks from the itchy bastard, but the itchy bastard is still with us most of the time.  It is so crazy to see him with such great skin, better than it has been in a year, and still see him so insanely itchy.  We have some good nights and a lot of bad itchy sleepless night still.......I hope that my posts just get better and better!!!  Happy Halloween and welcome November!

xoxox Loren