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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Kline got to go trick or treating and was out of the tub 4 hours!!  His skin is looking so good!!!  He is getting a few more breaks from the itchy bastard, but the itchy bastard is still with us most of the time.  It is so crazy to see him with such great skin, better than it has been in a year, and still see him so insanely itchy.  We have some good nights and a lot of bad itchy sleepless night still.......I hope that my posts just get better and better!!!  Happy Halloween and welcome November!

xoxox Loren


  1. His skin is looking so much better! Itchiness can mean healing too, all that healing work going on under the surface causes its own itch so it can be a good thing.

  2. So HAPPY to see Kline doing so much better. Glad you all got to get away from the IB for a night of fun. Love you! Love 'em, everyday!

    GMa & GPa

  3. I am so thrilled he is doing better. I am saddened that many kids are going through this. I found something on amazon and I thought of Kline. The reviews are excellent. I am not sure if you know of it or not but it has been helping a lot of people with excema and other skin conditions. The cosmetics database put it at a 4 or 5 for safety. Not perfect, but there are tons of things out there that is worse. Even burts bees is worse than that. I have decided I am going to try some for our family. Let me know if he has tried it...

    1. So funny, Kline used crave and vanicream for 2 years.....before the withdrawal...he can use it anymore..makes him flare. Now we use a more natural product that seems great!!! And creates a barrier too! Here is is, thanks you!!

    2. Mama medicines mama's sweet bee magic you can get it on amazon!! Xoxox

  4. Do you put anything on it? Maybe just try a test spot. I am not sure if this is the route to go, but they talk about it creating a protective skin barrier that appears to be excellant