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Sunday, October 28, 2012

8 months off topical steroids...

And we still have a way to go...but there has been healing!! I swear!!

Here is Kline's skin while STILL using topical steroid in Feb. 2012

And here he is Last week 8 months off steroids! Oct. 2012
He has his problem spots still for sure....his feet are super messed up still from the infection and the spots we used the most steroids have a way to go.  But there has been a ton of healing!!! He is still itchy a lot and in the bathtub a lot!! But he is getting more and more breaks!! I hope he will be 100% soon!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I have stopped praying every night as it doesn't seem to help a bit! ;-\  Just don't think god works that way anymore...if he/she did there wouldn't be people/children dieing from cancer and on 9/11 the towers never would have fallen as I am sure all of those people were praying to make it home safely.  So, I have put my energy into lovin' on Kline and drinking more wine! ;-)




  1. I love this post, Loren! And I love seeing pictures of Kline looking so much better! He is so lucky you found out about the dangers of steroids when he is still young.

    1. Thanks katy I can not wait for all of the red skinners to be healed...although I guess there will always be more and more coming in, hopefully! Xoxoxo

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  3. Oh my goodness! I am speechless! He looks absolutely amazing. I know this has been such a long, hard road for all of you, but holy shit! Talk about worth it! He is looking so much better, and eventually he will be completely healed. The itch, oh man, the itch! It hangs on and on and on.... I wonder how long our little ones will be itching for after the rest of them has healed??? I am hoping that Kline will be healed and ready to go out an enjoy the world and get some sun (they become little pasty ghosts during this process, don't they... can't wait for him and Z to be able to be swimming and in the sun all the time this coming summer). I know this has been so incredibly hard on you and your family, but all three of you have been amazing. Keep the faith and keep on keeping on as our dear friend would say. You guys are starting to see glimpses of light..... you are getting near the end of this hellacious tunnel.
    Love to all of you!!!!!

  4. You're spot on about more and more coming. I've been coming before and after pics of my friends on the local group and it is AMAZING how the body can heal itself if you give it a chance.

    KLINE IS LOOKING AMAZING. Hugs!! You're a supermom!!