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Monday, November 24, 2014

Pictures of a life with eczema which leads to skin infection! Unfortunatly!

A life with Chronic Eczema, skin issues, and now topical steroid damage leads to a life filled with the possibility of skin infections! Enter stage left, for no good reason at all, impetigo! 

At the Dr. office..Kline's first bout of impetigo! Luckily he has been through so much with life long eczema, rashes and red skin syndrome...impetigo was nothing!

3 days after antibiotics and he is all better!!!

The only other time he has had a skin infection in the 33 months he has been suffering from topical steroid damage, aka topical steroid withdrawal, was 2 years ago when his feet had a terrible horrible no good very bad skin infection.  Check out how bad they were and how we knew he was infected here  "when you-think-worst-cant-get-any-worse"

So compared to his foot infection and his suffering from red skin syndrome, the impetigo event was nothing! Thankfully it clear quickly and didn't spread! The hardest part was getting him to take the nasty antibiotics..."Mom's tip" coco hides the taste of nasty medicine!

Parents trust your will know when there is a skin infection or it's just true eczema. It is totally a different beast! Just like topical steroid withdrawal is completely different than eczema. 

xoxoxo Loren and Kline!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Team Red Skin Warriors Needs Your HELP to get on the Amazing race!!!

PLEASE tweet to @AmazingRace_CBS and tell the amazing race that you want them to put Team Red Skin Warriors on The Amazing Race!!! Please share and Like too.  Help Tell Kline's Red Skin Syndrome Story! The amazing race is shown in over 100 Counties with Millions of Views, lets get Red skin syndrome on the map!!!!

Click here to watch Team Red Skin Warriors hilarious and touching Audition video!!

Thanks for all the support and helping to tell Kline's story and saving someone elses skin!!!

xoxoxo Loren

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WATCH THE NEW PSA VIDEO FROM WWW.ITSAN.ORG plus Kline's pregress pictures!

Click here to watch Itsan's new PSA announcment!! ps. you might recognise someone! :)

I have been working on making an audition video for the CBS show The Amazing Race to share Kline's red skin story. These are the progress pictures I did for the video and thought they may give hope to all of you who are either suffering now or may think you should get off topical steroids. I hope they help and when The Amazing race video is all done and ready to submit I will share it with you all on YouTube and here! Its pretty funny!

  Kline before he was addicted to the topical steroids!

 Kline during Red Skin Syndrome and Nearly healed


xoxoxo Loren and Warrior Boy Kline

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Dragon Lady!

A Dramatization of the Dragon Lady!

I would like to introduce you to a side of myself, I do not like but is a real aspect of topical steroid addiction as a parent. The dragon lady!  She can be seen in the middle of the night and mostly comes out when she has had an hour or less of sleep just to be woken by the itchy bastard.  

She is mean, unreasonable, and often uses profanity.  She is the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jeckel.  She is the part of me that I hate the most and the part of me I am the least truly  like. 

So last night the dragon lady showed up!

It was 5 in the morning and I had been a sleep for a little over an hour, since I work nights :( .  

The itchy bastard came on strong....making Kline scream, itch and also be unreasonable, all totally expected when dealing with such an ass as the itchy bastard. 

And then my son turns to me and says,

" Mommy, you're beautiful!"

And I think ...
'dear lord, honey, if you think there is anything beautiful about the way I look or am acting......we are going to need years of therapy!'

In the beginning of tsa, the dragon lady was around a lot!!!!  I am happy to say that now 31 months off topical steroids, the dragon lady shows up very rarely...and I look forward to the day she is gone for good!  The day my beautiful son can see me for the real beautiful woman I am! 

I love you my beautiful and forgiving baby boy! Xoxoxo love, mommy aka the dragon lady! :/

                                     Kline's over the last 2 years of withdrawal......

                                    Healing Happens SLOWLY, BUT SURLY!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

My hopes for my brave brave boy!

Kline having a blast at the Crossfit Jibboom bbq!!!

Kline I hope that soon you won't be itchy anymore.
That you won't be itchy.
I hope that you will have a life free from pain.
I hope that your will have a "normal" childhood.
I hope that you will have friends that won't know you as the child that is itching crazy on the floor.
I hope that your education won't be in jeopardy.
I hope that you will fit in and be Kline, not itchy Kline!
I can't wait till your itchy bastard is completely gone so we can start living our lives again.
We can travel, camp, party, celebrate and LIVE!
I can't wait to watch you grow once you are only in the tub to wash not for comfort.
I can't wait to see you make new friends and see how fun life can be.
I can't wait to see you play soccer or any activity and not worry that you may get too hot and itch like a crazy man.

I can't wait to not hear you scream at night as you sleep because the itchy bastard is attacking you.

Life really is good Kline, and I know our's has been less than shitty, but one day the itchy bastard will be a nightmare of our past and you can see how wonderful life can really be!

I wish for you so much! Love, laughter, health, joy, strength, and a life! A really life where a medicine doesn't ruin everything for you!

Mommy and daddy can never take away the pain the topical steroids have caused you.  The drug that we were instructed to  lathered on you daily , but I hope that your journey through topical steroid addiction will make your life that much more wonderful when you are healed! There are reason you suffered, mommy will not stop until all the other babies out there do not suffer like you. And most importantly out of pain comes joy.  Our life will be as joyous as it can once you are healed, because nothing will phase us now, we can make it through anything!!!

I love you Kline, and your bravery amazes me!  I know you have no choice, but you handle the itchy bastard way better than I do or ever would! I love you baba!! My brave brave boy!
Xoxoxo Honey 

Friday, July 11, 2014

And our life begins again!!!

Sorry I have been MIA for 3 months....Kline had a rough time after his bday with a bad flare. But he is sooooo much better. We actually went on our first trip in 2.5 years!!! AMAZING!  He is now going to preschool and kinder-

camp at least 2 hours day!  (the heat does seem to make him itch more during the day)  His sleep is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better, he is a sleep most nights by 10pm and rarely wakes up to have an itching fit, AMEN!  His skin is looking amazing! Even his feet. We are still wrapping his feet and wrists at night for protection and using the Lemongrass balm I mentioned in an earlier post. He is not 100% yet but I am hoping that I will be able to post that very soon!!!
Here we are at Santa Cruz on our first vacation in 2.5 years!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!