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Friday, August 1, 2014

My hopes for my brave brave boy!

Kline having a blast at the Crossfit Jibboom bbq!!!

Kline I hope that soon you won't be itchy anymore.
That you won't be itchy.
I hope that you will have a life free from pain.
I hope that your will have a "normal" childhood.
I hope that you will have friends that won't know you as the child that is itching crazy on the floor.
I hope that your education won't be in jeopardy.
I hope that you will fit in and be Kline, not itchy Kline!
I can't wait till your itchy bastard is completely gone so we can start living our lives again.
We can travel, camp, party, celebrate and LIVE!
I can't wait to watch you grow once you are only in the tub to wash not for comfort.
I can't wait to see you make new friends and see how fun life can be.
I can't wait to see you play soccer or any activity and not worry that you may get too hot and itch like a crazy man.

I can't wait to not hear you scream at night as you sleep because the itchy bastard is attacking you.

Life really is good Kline, and I know our's has been less than shitty, but one day the itchy bastard will be a nightmare of our past and you can see how wonderful life can really be!

I wish for you so much! Love, laughter, health, joy, strength, and a life! A really life where a medicine doesn't ruin everything for you!

Mommy and daddy can never take away the pain the topical steroids have caused you.  The drug that we were instructed to  lathered on you daily , but I hope that your journey through topical steroid addiction will make your life that much more wonderful when you are healed! There are reason you suffered, mommy will not stop until all the other babies out there do not suffer like you. And most importantly out of pain comes joy.  Our life will be as joyous as it can once you are healed, because nothing will phase us now, we can make it through anything!!!

I love you Kline, and your bravery amazes me!  I know you have no choice, but you handle the itchy bastard way better than I do or ever would! I love you baba!! My brave brave boy!
Xoxoxo Honey 


  1. So proud of Kline and you guys! No one should have to go through this when it was preventible from the start! Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa and GPa

  2. Hi Loren
    The tone in this post makes me think Kline is flaring again. I hope it isn't very intense if that is the case?
    I've only just recently started following your blog and it is very reassuring to find one with improvements.
    Best of luck !!! Hopefully the itchy bastard will be gone soon.

    1. He was flaring a little more but seems do be doing better again. Time will tell thanks xxo

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  4. My heart aches when I read of your son's pain and sufferings, yours too. No child should have to go through such am ordeal. I have been healing many sufferers using Self-Healing, many are caused by blockages in the body. Read more here