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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Dragon Lady!

A Dramatization of the Dragon Lady!

I would like to introduce you to a side of myself, I do not like but is a real aspect of topical steroid addiction as a parent. The dragon lady!  She can be seen in the middle of the night and mostly comes out when she has had an hour or less of sleep just to be woken by the itchy bastard.  

She is mean, unreasonable, and often uses profanity.  She is the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jeckel.  She is the part of me that I hate the most and the part of me I am the least truly  like. 

So last night the dragon lady showed up!

It was 5 in the morning and I had been a sleep for a little over an hour, since I work nights :( .  

The itchy bastard came on strong....making Kline scream, itch and also be unreasonable, all totally expected when dealing with such an ass as the itchy bastard. 

And then my son turns to me and says,

" Mommy, you're beautiful!"

And I think ...
'dear lord, honey, if you think there is anything beautiful about the way I look or am acting......we are going to need years of therapy!'

In the beginning of tsa, the dragon lady was around a lot!!!!  I am happy to say that now 31 months off topical steroids, the dragon lady shows up very rarely...and I look forward to the day she is gone for good!  The day my beautiful son can see me for the real beautiful woman I am! 

I love you my beautiful and forgiving baby boy! Xoxoxo love, mommy aka the dragon lady! :/

                                     Kline's over the last 2 years of withdrawal......

                                    Healing Happens SLOWLY, BUT SURLY!!!