Stop topical steroid abuse!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WATCH THE NEW PSA VIDEO FROM WWW.ITSAN.ORG plus Kline's pregress pictures!

Click here to watch Itsan's new PSA announcment!! ps. you might recognise someone! :)

I have been working on making an audition video for the CBS show The Amazing Race to share Kline's red skin story. These are the progress pictures I did for the video and thought they may give hope to all of you who are either suffering now or may think you should get off topical steroids. I hope they help and when The Amazing race video is all done and ready to submit I will share it with you all on YouTube and here! Its pretty funny!

  Kline before he was addicted to the topical steroids!

 Kline during Red Skin Syndrome and Nearly healed


xoxoxo Loren and Warrior Boy Kline

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  1. LOVE!!! the progress pics speak for themselves!! Awesome Kline!! Way to go buddy! xo