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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The neck is back at it...oozing! ugh!

kline's new red skin shirt!! Care don't stare!

the oozie monster came back this week..but it seems like every flare the spot is smaller and smaller

i love this pix!
 16.5 months off of topical steroids withdrawal and still itchy! But getting more and more breaks and sleep ok!


  1. So sorry to hear the oozing and itching is back. But glad to hear that it is getting less and less. The pictures are great! Love you!

    Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa

  2. OMG , I am so Sorry ! I am sure U probably tried everything under the sun to help him and lessen his suffering , but if You haven't tried EVENING PRIMROSE OIL or EMU OIL , May be You should give it a try . If it doesn't work I think It wonr make it worse ... Once again a child immune system damage by vaccines .. There are many things I believe You should look for ,like other offending foods , chemicals in your house that are hidden , Detoxing his liver , clearing his body of pathogens ,especially Parasites . There arent test available that can detect the infestation and Dr. usually don't pay attention to parasites if it doesn't show on stool test . But Stool samples are unreliable ! Parasites keep the body in constant inflammation ,because they get too big for the immune system to fight off , but make it to react to everything and cause AUTO IMMUNE disorders and cause huge range of skin conditions !Best of luck and I hoe U find a way to relieve his discomfort as soon as possible !

  3. my heart goes out to you, my eldest had chronic eczema from birth until about 7 years old, worst aged 2-5. Tried homeopaathy, herbs, steriods, everything till we came across Self Heal Cream (prunella vulgaris), in combination with diet, and all the other things I am sure you are doing was our life saver. Aged 15 she is clear, has occasional dry patches on hands and legs, but just wanted to let you know, we made it through the other side. xx lots of hugs.

  4. So sorry the damn ooze is hanging around! Love the shirt and the hat! That picture by the water is fantastic! I hope the next update will say that he is completely healed!