Stop topical steroid abuse!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

magic 8 ball!

This week I asked the magic 8 ball if Kline will be completely healed in 3 said.........


That fucker better not be wrong!!!

Come on magic 8 ball, no whammies!!!
16 months off topical steroids which Kline was prescribed non-stop for 2.5 yrs for eczema....still very itchy, oozing in spots...feet are a mess, in bath a lot of the time! Ugh!!!
Xoxoxoxo Loren
kline did get out this week to our local concert in the part!



  1. I LOVE the magic 8 ball!! It has to be dead on right!! Kline looks so happy in his pictures! A far cry from earlier pictures!! He is such the trooper! And so are you and the rest of your family!! Kline has this! It is almost over!!

  2. So Glad you went to the M8B. It never fails. Glad to see Kline doing better and getting out for some fun. Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa

  3. The Magic 8 Ball never fails! I am knocking on wood, just to be safe.

  4. Magic 8 ball always come true.
    You guys are almost there.