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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Got Christ?"

So, since being house bound for the last 16 months I have missed out on all the bumper stickers you see around town!  Let me tell you they fucking are pissing me off! 

"Got Jesus!"  Apparently NOT!'s more like we "GOT CRABS!!!!", Than JESUS!

I know some of you will really judge me for being anti Jesus, god and Allah! But fuck!!!!

How can a god let children suffer so? How can a god let children die of disease? How can a god let children die at school either by an act of god, thanks for that act, god.....or a mass shooting?!?  How can a god let huge waves take children away from the families on vacation? How can a god let children get buried alive? How can a god let children be homeless? How can a god let children be abused in any form by their loved ones or other people? How can a god let innocent children be bombed in their homes?  How can a god make a mother suffer by the loss of their baby of any age?

God, what the fuck is wrong with you? If you could cue me in on your logic I would really appreciate it because in my eyes it is totally mother fucking fucked up!

You are breaking my heart and so many other daily! Could you stop the shit...stop trying to teach us lessons or whatever the fuck it is you are trying to prove and just be nice!

Thanks, one pissed off mother of a kid who has suffered way too long!!!!!!!!