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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

kline's skin picture updates 16.5 months off steroids

kline's Swedish family came for a wonderful visit!!

the neck is looking amazing!!!!!!

kline's girlfriend!!!!

almost 17 months off the topical steroids!!!

fun at the pool!! with daddy

this was kline last august 12 months off steroids


  1. Such a difference Loren, the old photographs remind us how far we've come! Kline's taken a massive growth spurt, I didn't think it was him in the blue wet suit until I took a closer look. Bigger and much better xx

  2. So happy you all had a good visit with the cousins from Sweden. Kline looks so much better and bigger. Love you all. Love 'em everyday!

  3. Wow, he looks amazing! Congratulations to you all! It's been a long, hard road for you - you must be so relieved now.