Stop topical steroid abuse!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sweet Norman red skin syndrome has healed!

I would love to introduce you to a strong brave boy, Norman! 
Norman's skin in withdrawal

NORMAN HEALED!!!!!! 18 MONTHS off Topical steroids!

Norman is 6 from Penang, Malaysia.  He Started using steroid at the age of 3 when his eczema was only small spot on his cheeks and near his knee. His eczema started to show no respond towards the topical steroids after a few years and that's when his eczema started to spread a little near his elbow, and his skin became rough with tiny bumps all over...
His parents found out about topical steroid addiction through a local Malaysian support group and quitting cold turkey in January 2012 when Norman was 5.

Norman's father was and is also on steroid for the past 20 years. Norman's father tried to go through withdrawal but failed after a few attempts because it was so bad he couldn't go to work. The family cannot afford long leave from his job and continuing the withdrawal may result in him losing his job.

 Norman showed signs of healing from topical steroid addiction at month 8-9 plus months. At 18 months he is completely healed, which gives us hope for Kline healing!!!

Thank you Ima for sharing Normas's story and healing, giving us all hope!!!

xoxo Loren and Kline