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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zoloft, you ain't cutting' it for me no more!

(let me clarify, I am on Zoloft not Kline!)

Well, where do I has been a tough few weeks......finally after going back to full on flares, oozing and crazy itching, Kline is starting to get breaks again.  His neck is still oozing but it looks like everyday it is a little bit of a smaller area.  We spent a few days stuck back in the tub...but thank god there were a few days this week, where he didn't tub it till evening! He sleeps from 2 am or so until, 2 pm. So we are still very much vampires! I wish there was a quick fix to the steroid withdrawal, but unfortunately right now, there is none! Sucks!

Kline turns 4 next week, so exciting!!!  If anyone would like to donate to the international topical steroid addiction non-profit in Kline's name, that would be soooooo appreciated!! Please go to to donate.....anything helps them spread the word to help other suffering just like Kline.

Hopefully the itchy bastard will stay away for good in Kline's 4th year.  We are so over him!


Kline and I went to the beautiful hot springs again to see if they would big difference! ;(

Also, here is one of the best videos I have seen made by another topical steroid addicted is funny, honest and very informative! Please check out Miss Kitty Fantastico's you tube here!

Love to you all and happy healing!
Loren xoxoxo

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  1. Thanks for the link Loren, hope to help some peeps out with a little giggle : )

    Kline is looking great and I'm so happy that he's getting out and about and meeting big slebs like the Easter Bunny! Wow!

    Much love xxx