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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wow 6 years steroid free this month!

Well, well,'s been a while. I haven't post in years. 😬Sorry! Kline has been doing well. He has been living his life again. He still has itchy skin, mostly when he gets hot and his feet are still the biggest struggle. But, he is living again.....and not just living in the bath! He ski's, goes to school, swims, rides a bike, reads, and even started acting in our local theater. Although he still has skin issues it is not all consuming and debilitating. He seems happy...a little needy and a bit of a hypochondriac but happy and now just a normal kid!

I can't believe it has been 6 years since we stopped steroids and 6.5 years since he started having full body flares from the steroid addiction.  I will never get over the damage steroids can do to the body and how even now 6 years later doctors don't know about Redskin Syndrome and stil want to push steroids on us. 

Now we are just dealing with the ptsd we have as parents....having a very needy, very sick child for years and years takes a lot out of you. But we have made it through the hardest times of our lives , hopefully the hardest times we will ever have to go through, and we have survived. We are stronger and more resilient. We are more accepting of each other flaws and let me tell you person I have a crap load of flaws...especially without sleep for years! I have had and still have some real shit moments as a mom, and wife, a daughter and a friend. 

I look forward to living life and what life will have to offer us and especially Kline. 

Will it be a life free of skin issues? I doubt it. 

Will it be free of itch? I doubt it.

But it will be filled with acceptance, strength, forgivenesses, and love...even when we want to kill each other. 😊

One thing is forsure, it WILL be absolutely FREE of STEROIDS!!! 

May you all be itch free, have clear skin and a kickass life! 
Xoxoxox Loren and Kline 

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