Stop topical steroid abuse!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Honey, please try not to Piss mommy off!

                                                            GRAMMY AND KLINE
                                              MOM AND DAD'S 80'S PART GET UP

Kline is  43 weeks off topical steroids and it has been a hell of a week.

He has been flaring again, I think because he had a bit of a cold, cough with the damn wheeze.
He's been back in the bath nearly all day, all week long.....except for a great night we had when we went to a local ski resort and saw Santa!!!

I think I am having some kind of post traumatic stress disorder.  Unfortunately, we haven't even gotten to the post part yet! I can not tolerate loud noises at all...the dog barks, I want to scream.  Kline yells "ice pack" I want to jump out of my skin. I hope by the time Kline is better I am not  so far gone down the rabbit hole of depression and anxiety that I can't climb out of it. 

I am having anger issues too....very short temper with pretty much everyone that is close to me, aka hubby, Kline and my parents.  So, I am looking into a therapist to help me work though this crap....watching your baby being tortured all day and night for a year, can wear you the crap down!!! And I think I have hit my bottom.....the antidepressants are not working as well because I changed to a different one and have not yet of to therapy I go. 

I am amazed at how well my baby copes with this stuff.......way better than I am or my hubby!  He is still in a good mood most of the time unless he is uncontrollably itchy and in pain...and he is still just as ornery as ever.  So, as long as I don't mess him up too much, I think he will come out of this ok mentally! ;-)

My hope is that we will be so much stronger from this hell.....we will be a more tight knit family...and we will be happy and itch free, able to Concur anything life throws at us.  I hope that Kline will be an even more kind person and accepting of others with issues of their own. 

If you have been reading my blog you know I am not  religious but I hope that everyday I can be more like Jesus and less like Satan! Lol

Signing off and have a very happy itch-free holiday!  As Kline said the other day

"Merry ITCHY Christmas!"

He also told me, "Santa wasn't gong to bring me any presents because I am mean to him!" NICE!

Xoxoxo Mama Satan! ;-)


  1. You have a lot of stress and it sounds like it may be wearing your adrenals down which can cause all sorts of issues. Just something you might look into. I know, just something else on top of everything. :/ Hang in there.

  2. *Hugs* to you. I pray Christmas is an itch-free day and you all get to enjoy each other! I believe in therapy, it just may be the "release valve" you need. Also, if you enjoy them, when Kline is out, you get a bath, too :)