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Sunday, December 2, 2012

my responce to my vlogg reponces!

So, the drama on Kline's blog has been high! Here is my second vlogg ...

My rebuttal vlogg to the people I offened with my 1st vlogg!

for give the messy room!!! Looks like I end to do the laundry.


  1. Haha!!!! Man you and I got our differences but hey ! Who doesn't .... With that being said , in my opinion we share lots in common ! That was hilarious ..... Screw the ones that can't handle some vocabulary ;))

    1. Thanks maria....u
      R too funny! Xoxox hope u r well!

  2. thank you Loren! ah! still in the red big time , i'm sure you know that ...I really admire your LO , you have a Superman living with you, let me tell you ...I really hope he heals ASAP ! he gives me strength ,little guy taking all this pain . sure i can kick my a$$ to fight this hell ! tell him he has a skin friend praying for him and that I look up to him and his courage :)

    hugs to you both Xxx