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Sunday, January 13, 2013

An update on little Abigel

If you have been falling kline's blog you will remember back in oct.  I was asking for donations for Abigel to go see Dr. Rapaport in LA....She lives in canada.  Well, her skin was too bad for her to make the trip.  She ended up having a terrible stay in the Canadian hospital and her wonderful strong mother was threatened by the Doctor's and staff for refusing steroids.    She was even threatened having CPS called... so crazy and scary!!!  Dr. Rapaport spent a lot of time on the phone with the doctors but they would not listen. Finally, after being held "hostage" at the hospital they sent them home with multiple scripts of topical steroids, which her brave mother NEVER USED!!!!!!  Now, almost 3 months later, Abigel looks like a new kid!!! (See pix about, the bottom right pix is today!!!!!!!)  All she had at the hospital were antibiotics, proving that you DO NOT NEED STEROIDS TO HEAL YOUR OUT OF CONTROL SKIN!!!!!!  TIME TIME TIME IS WHAT YOU NEED!!! Abigel is still very itchy like Kline and has a hard time sleeping but she will get there, thanks to her mother!! Abigel's mother is a dear dear friend of mine, that means more to me than she will ever know!! Abigel is such a brave little warrior chick and one day I hope our healed warrior babies can play together!!!  Congrats Abigel and mama!! We love you!

Loren and Kline


  1. AMAZING!!!! I am going to post a link to this on my blog.

    What a brave and beautiful little girl. x

  2. She was helped by me and followed my protocol. I was helping her before and after the hospital. The antibiotics helped but she was doing more than just that. Thought I should tell you the facts so that you don't think it was just antibiotics. Alone they don't work.

    1. My point was that steroids were never used....I re worded it to state that. Glad you tried to help heR.

    2. Amber, you mentioned the antibiotics helped but she was doing more than that? what were the other things that helped aside from the antibiotics? I am goign through TSW myself so any tips of what has worked for others is always helpful.

    3. Kiwi....I spoke to abigel's mom about what she thought helped. She was trying so many thing and the on,y thing she can truely say helped as the antibiotics and time. In my experience with kline's tsa nothing helps but time, ice packs and when ready sunshine exposure. I wish there was a magic way to heal faster and believe me I have tried everything...but there just does ot seem to be . Abigel's mother feels the same way...amber is a wealth of knowledge and who know maybe her protocol for eczema will help your tsa??? Hang in there, I know it is hell!!!

  3. I applaud you moms for your endurance in this roid hell ride. I know myself as I am in my 28th month of withdrawals after using for 40+ cumulative years and am much better but the itch is last to go! God bless these angels! xxxxxxx

  4. What is Amber's contact info? Have a daughter who has had just as bad eczema as Abigel and was curious what the protocol was she used.

  5. Add my group page for all natural Eczema help!

  6. I started helping them 9/2012 We still continue to email back and forth weekly.
    She went into hospital 2012-10-15.
    (This is what she wrote me)
    By NOV 4TH 2012- she almost looks like when we went to the hospital. She only had good skin for 2 weeks.
    Thank you, I followed everything you said after the hospital. I'm sure the IV antibiotics helped to get out of the worse but steadily she got better and I did what you advised.
    sKIN : We started first using desitin only 2-3 times a day. Then we used, desitin, A&D AND pure vitamin E MIXED INTO A MIXTURE 2-3 times a day.Then we switched to cristco. (palm oil) We used these products:
    We started with these:
    Zinc, Vit B6, E, D3, A, C, cod liver, PB8 probotics,garlic, ionic sulfur,Cod liver oil,choliphyll liquid
    Now she is currently taking:
    Zinc, cod liver oil, probiotics, vitamin A, E, D3, B6, garlic
    I'm giving her the multi kids and the kiddieboost, cod liver.

    She wash her clothes with baking soda & winegar
    She puts in the bath MSM powder, apple cider vinegar & Dr. Bronners peppermint soap lid full.
    We share a ton of emails and still do.
    I hope this helps you to understand what we did. We did do some other changes to her environment but it would take forever to go through all of the emails.
    Thank you.

  7. She ended up having a terrible stay in the Canadian hospital and her wonderful strong mother was threatened by the Doctor's and staff for refusing steroids.

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