Stop topical steroid abuse!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve was a knee to the balls!

Week 45 of topical steroids: Kline had very rough week and a terrible new years eve....kline started to ooze again around his neck....

the bottom of his ears are very bad, hard to see here but there is just a huge scab on the bottom of each year. a big place we used roids

and the damn feet.....we never used steroids here but since klines feet got infected back in oct.  they are such a bad itchy.

who gets scabs on the bottom of the feet?? Kline! that's who!

So, even though this week has been hell....we spent many nights in the bath till midnight and back in at 4 am, he had an amzing day today!

I went for my first therapy session, which we will work on my jekyll and hyde emotions, and kline got to.....go to the kids meuseum with his best friend and grammy, go to lunch and the train museum and even go to the dairy free sorbet shop!!!!! yeah, he was out of the tub till just now at, drum roll please...............6PM!!!!!!  18 freaking hours out of the tub!!!!!!!

I hope that only more and more days will be like this and I hope my therapy can get me out of the angry sad fog I can not get my self out of.  He is healing, slowly for sure, but healing! I can not wait for the day he is all better...he may still have eczema, but the day the itchy bastard leaves for good.....I will crap my pants , do a dance, and run through the streets naked!!!!  And ofcourse I'll vlogg it all for you! lol

Happy itchy bastard free 2013!