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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve was a knee to the balls!

Week 45 of topical steroids: Kline had very rough week and a terrible new years eve....kline started to ooze again around his neck....

the bottom of his ears are very bad, hard to see here but there is just a huge scab on the bottom of each year. a big place we used roids

and the damn feet.....we never used steroids here but since klines feet got infected back in oct.  they are such a bad itchy.

who gets scabs on the bottom of the feet?? Kline! that's who!

So, even though this week has been hell....we spent many nights in the bath till midnight and back in at 4 am, he had an amzing day today!

I went for my first therapy session, which we will work on my jekyll and hyde emotions, and kline got to.....go to the kids meuseum with his best friend and grammy, go to lunch and the train museum and even go to the dairy free sorbet shop!!!!! yeah, he was out of the tub till just now at, drum roll please...............6PM!!!!!!  18 freaking hours out of the tub!!!!!!!

I hope that only more and more days will be like this and I hope my therapy can get me out of the angry sad fog I can not get my self out of.  He is healing, slowly for sure, but healing! I can not wait for the day he is all better...he may still have eczema, but the day the itchy bastard leaves for good.....I will crap my pants , do a dance, and run through the streets naked!!!!  And ofcourse I'll vlogg it all for you! lol

Happy itchy bastard free 2013!


  1. So sorry to hear that Kline is back into oozing and scabbing. Glad to hear that he had a better day today and that your trip to the Dr. went well. Kline is healing and you and Denny are doing the best thing you can do for Kline and your family. Stay strong. We tried to call today; but you must have been out at the Dr.'s and Kline at the kids museum. We Love You! Never forget that! GMa and GPa

  2. Hi Loren, I got here through Top Mommy Blogs. I keep up a blog there too and am compiling an index of as many special needs blogs as I can find online. Would you mind including your blog at I think lots of people could be encouraged by your story.

    1. Another great blog about EB would be good to add.....can't remember the name but the little boys name was Tripp....and the word about EB needs to be spread too! Mthank you so much for helping spread the word about topical steroids withdrawal!! Xoxoxo all the best!

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  4. Yay! So glad to hear he got to go to the museum!!

    You all are doing amazing. This process is unlike no other. People really don't get how hard and tiring it is. Hang in there McCormac family. You are close to the end! Your cover picture of his knees makes me wonder how are the back of his knees looking now??

    Can I just say that not only for the sake of Kline, that little guy has been through so much and deserves to be done with this, that there is a small part of me that can't wait to see the dance and running naked through the town! lol! What a site that will be with the new little kiddo bulging out your beautiful preggo belly while you are dancing and running nakie! lol! :0) Hell, I'll even come and video it for your v'log!

    Love you guys! As our friend from across the pond would say, "Keep on keeping on!" You're on the downside!

    1. Hahaha, thank you, who is the ananomous?

    2. Ps the back of his knees look amazing....still amlittlemred and itchy but sooo sooo soooo much better. I'll take a ic for next week xoxo

  5. I hope I'm one of your BFF's! That anonymous is Jill! :0)

  6. Is this my BFF and future mother in law to Kline? I figured out the other on was Jill...another one of my red skin bff's!!!! :-)