Stop topical steroid abuse!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sorry to be MIA!

sponsored by Crayola! lol

nice boogers!

Skiing with daddy and mommy

ski break

the itchy bastard joined us for skiing too....he does not get the hint!

Red skin warrior Besties!!!!

love you gals!!!

Kline thinks he's a baby!

13 months off topical steroids , which Kline was over prescribed for almost 3 years for eczema. 

I thought once we hit a year off the steroids life would be different, better!  Well, month 13 has been the shit...and not like the shit like the bomb, like awesome.  No, the shit as in THE SHITS, like I have the shits and my ass is burning so bad from them and my hemorrhoids are hanging out so pass me that fucking doughnut pillow so I can sit down, shits!!  His neck has been oozing the worst I think my husband and I have ever seen it.  The  poor baby is so brave .......I ask him if it hurts and he says ...

"Yes mommy, but don"t worry it will get better soon!" What a fucking warrior...I mean if my neck look and felt like his it is all I would be talking about. But, he just accepts it and moves on! I love you my brave boy! You make me a better person everyday...except those days where you are an extreme brat and I want to scream my head off and run away! ;0)

Now, his face started to ooze, which has never happened before.......I am hoping that it is moving out of the neck, then out of the face and then out of him for good!

We had a busy March so far, hence me not posting.

 Grandma and grandpa came to visit...yeah!!!!! They were a huge help and we will miss them so much. I can not believe I did not take one picture of them. Sorry!!!!

Kline has been taking weekly ski lessons and is finally turning and stopping all on his own!!! yeah, my little ripper!!! So, exciting and so nice to see him doing more kids things!!!!

I got to have a girls night in San Fransisco with 2 other red skin warrior mothers!! It was so nice to go and talk nothing but red skin with 2 mom's who know it all too well!!!! We will for ever be bonded because of our babies suffering!! I love you J and K!!!!!! You know who you are!!!!

So, lets hope Mid march and April bring more healing to healed! 

From our ski slopes to your , Loren