Stop topical steroid abuse!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

the oozing just won't stop!

This kid cracks me up and drives me nuts all at the same time!  Getting sun in his ugg boots!

the neck and feet just keep oozing and giving us the most problems...stinks!

His feet look pretty good in this picture but today the re all scabbed up AND SO DAMN ITCHY!

53 weeks off topical steroids....I wonder when this neck will stop oozing and flaring?? At times it seems we will never be done with skin issues! Sucks! 

xoxo Loren


  1. So happy to see Kline's skin getting better; but hard to see him still going through the itchy battle. We had fun with him at the park today, trying to keep him out of the sand box. We actually did and Kline survived a day at the park without the sand box. Still hurts so much to see our brave little solder fighting the IB. Full cure soon to come!!!! Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa and GPa

  2. Kline is soooo lovable!!! We salute this darling little warrior!

  3. Try zinc, i had oozing n my face too, and it itched! Zinc cream. I swear.