Stop topical steroid abuse!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adios, year of pure hell, shit, and the itchy bastard!!

Saint Grammy!

The best neighbors ever!



Choo choo with my big ass as the caboose!
We had an ice castle celebration to celebrate Kline's one year off the nasty topical steroids( he used for eczema for almost 3 years).  Besides having the itchy bastard join us a few times, we had a great day celebrating and slipping on the ice with all of our friends and family! Kline has been so brave this year and we hope that this will be , by far, the worst year of his life, ever!!!!!!  He still has a way to go till he is healed, but 1 year is a major accomplishment!!

We love you , brave warrior!!! You amaze us!!!!

xxoxo mommy and daddy!