Stop topical steroid abuse!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hope for the Hopeless!!!!!

These 1st pictures are of Kline a year ago on Topical steroids.  As you can see they were not helping at all anymore and burned so badly when we put them on.

Here is this week!!!  49 weeks OFF the steroids , 11 months (he used continually for 2.5/ 3 years, as instructed by our doctors)!!!!!!  They say you have to use steroids to heal your skin, ah I think NOT!!!!

~Kline update~

49 weeks....he has had a great week less and less baths and less and less itchy flares!!!!  Yesterday friday he did not get int he bath once!!!!! So far today he has not gotten in the bath either! We are on our way people......on our way!!!!