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Monday, February 18, 2013

51 weeks off steroids skiing

Kline and the K-line

getting sun Tahoe style


  1. YAY!!!! So sorry about the Red beast we all hate showing up though :( Keep it up warrior!! xoxoxo Geanna from the forums (Google & FB)

  2. You know what I love? Is that Kline and all of you keep on living life! Red Beast and all!

  3. I sure admire his and all of the tenacity you have shown. I wanted to see him healed within the 12 months but so glad he is much better. xxxxx

  4. Hi guys, hope this post takes. We are so happy to see you getting out for some fun in the sun. A year ago Kline would not have been out of the house, let alone skiing. That proves how taking Kline off the steroids has been the answer to his eczema. Soon Kline will be free from the eczema around his neck and he will be able to enjoy all that life has to offer such a wonderful and courageous young man. He is so cute and getting so tall. Maybe one day, GPa will be able to strap the skis back on and ski with all the grand-kids. Need to work on that! WE love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa