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Friday, August 30, 2013

Improvement on Klines feet, yahoooo!!!

Klines feet this week!!!!!! 1.5 years off topical steroids!!!!!

kline's neck oozing a little again but the spot gets smaller and smaller every flare cycle!

we tie dyed kline's red skin shirt!!!

klines feet progress the last year!

KLINE'S feet Oct. 2012

klines feet may 2013

klines feet july early august 2013


  1. Such good progress on Kline's feet healing. So happy to see the progress.

    Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! Definitely heading in the right direction! Awesome, awesome! They'll be in perfect condition for some ski boots in the near future! <3 ya!- Jill

  3. What a great result! Before you know it he'll be all healed!! xx

  4. C'est fantastique!
    He is ever nearer to complete healing now!
    Stay strong!

  5. So much better! Yay Kline!!! Love the shirt customization, too. :)

  6. These are really helpful information. Steroids are good muscle enhancers, but one has to follow all the precautions to see great effects.

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  7. Makes me think of that song happy feet. X

  8. I have heard pure aloe vera is very good for people with skin conditions so look it up, also you want to talk to someone from youngevity and they will recommend a natural product for you, or speak to someone at scalar health who supply same products. This boys body is unbalanced and need sorting out. It is possible to sort out I am positive.

  9. My son had horrible eczema too and looked like a burn victim. People would look at his face and shake their head in pity. After all the steroids from the dermatologist for a year or more I took my son to someone who practices Chinese herbal remedies. They do a tongue reading and check pulse. They said it was his liver and give me a tea to make for him. In a matter of weeks his skin was clear and he never had a spot on his skin again. They solved the problem unlike most doctors prescriptions which deal with symptoms. This was 5-7 years ago and his skin is beautiful and clear. I am in Cleveland, Ohio and went to Dr. Amy at the Asian Health Center on Chardon Richmond Hts. After all I went thorugh I just wish I could tell the world that kids can be healed and do not have to avoid swimming, be started at or ostracized any more. Kids can be healed from this easily. This is my story and my truth. I still get teary eyed when I see family pictures of my baby.

  10. Lavender oil mixed with coconut oil should help with healing and itching.