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Friday, August 9, 2013

kline's local news article is reaching the rest of the world!
(ps. you have to fill out the google survey to read the full article)

above is the link to Kline's 1st printed news article!

Our local papaer did a piece about his steroids addiction withdrawal. He was so excited to see himself in the paper and said, "mom, I did a GREAT job!"Yes you did son!!!

I was honered and amazed to hear that a family in australia found kline's arrticle and they now know why their child is suffering so terribly.  It is Amazing that a little local paper in Lake Tahoe can help people around the world. So, even if you think what you are doing is could have a great impact in the end!! Dust yourself off and take another step forward!!!!
xoxox Loren


  1. So proud of all that Kline has done to put out the word on TSAW and RSS. Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa & GPa

  2. You did an awesome job with that article!!!! Woo- hoo! The news about TSA/TSW is spreading like wildfire because of warriors like you!

  3. Hi Loren, I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for this article. I am the family in Australia that you mention in the post above.
    I had no idea about TSW until reading your story and the day after reading it, I stopped applying TS to my almost 5 year old son!
    I've since read your whole blog and I have to tell you, you are a brave, loving, honest and wonderful mum and pray I have your strength during my boys withdrawal!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and teaching us (all the way from SYD, Australia) about TSW!!!
    Much love and admiration to you and your family!! Z

    1. Zee!! I am so happy you found us and itsan!! I know I have my little uk angel that told me of red skin syndrome and I could never thank her enough, well maybe not in the middle of the hell, but eventually! Lol feel free to email me anytime if u need support or have ? Or anything!!!!! good luck in the wothdrawal!!!

  4. Loren I shall be eternally thankful to you for that article.. my boy is now 12 days off TS and quite itchy and flared, but a real trouper. We are in this for the long run now and we will get him better just like you have with gorgeous Kline!
    Thanks again for your email address and I'll be sure to get in contact if need be!
    Kristina has got me signed up on all the FB sites so am busy most nights (when everyone is sleeping) catching up on all the posts and also the endless blogs out there about TWS!
    Thanks again and goodnight! XX

  5. Well done Loren and Kline! Fame and fortune beckons. X