Stop topical steroid abuse!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mommy's sorry Kline!

I am sorry you are suffering so!

I am sorry I lose my patients with you!

I am sorry you are so itchy!

I am sorry you didn't get to go camping this summer!

I am sorry we put those steroids on you, even once!

I am sorry the doctors didn't tell us the proper way to use the steroids!

I am sorry you have missed out on so much!

I am sorry a lot of times I am not the mommy you deserve!

I am sorry I get so angry at the itchy bastard!

I am sorry your daddy and I do not have a strong relationship!

I am sorry your daddy and I do not give you the example you should have of a strong marriage and strong bond by love!

I am sorry I scream in the middle of the night when the itchy bastard takes  you over!

I am so sorry for the last 2 years of your life!

I wish I could take it all away. Erase it from your mind!  My only hope that when the itchy bastard is finally slain,  we will be better people because of him.  More compassionate  to others in their own struggles.  More giving and kind.  More thankful of a normal life.  Stronger in every way. 

But never the less, I am sorry my sweet honey bear!  I wish I could kiss you and make it all better, but I can't.
I love you Kline
Xoxoxo Mommy