Stop topical steroid abuse!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How can kline look so good and itch so much???

Kline now 19.5 month after stopping topical steroids

19.5 months off topical steroids and still tubbing it. ugh!

but he does look and feel amazing....most of him anyway!!!! ;0)

 Below are pictures of my little Kline 19 months ago.....the healing is slow, but it is happening!


  1. Poor thing......congrats on the healing .....i have really bad ezcyma. Evrywhere eyes face hands u name it .i also try to avoid steriods.... im not sure if you can but what has helped me its amazing but i bath n luke warm water epson salt and white disteled vinger....its amazing how geat it is for youvingar. .i only clean with it..cause im alergic to everything which makes my breakouts even worse....look into vingar it has almost cured my whole body its amazing

  2. Btw..... the vingar will ease the itch n its natural.... i simetimes fill up a bucket with water vingar n some epsan salt .... get cotton balls or even rag n put it on itch for the tines u hes watcging tv n not in really works amazibg someone who siffeted the same way passed this on to me n im paying it foward i was so vad i couksnt see my hands for 4 years ..firsr time i see the skin...n no itch!!!!! Good praying for you all

  3. Joe Cross had a similar skin condition and he says juicing helped him get rid of's worth a try?

  4. Have him tested for gluten/celiac......there is much research on it.....Dr. Rodney Ford has books and another great read is Wheat Belly....on FaceBook there is a great group to ask any questions....Gluten Free Planet......I also am gluten made a ton of difference when doctors could figure out what was wrong...."I" myself asked my doctor and yep.....I baby should suffer.....Best to you!!

  5. I believe doctors who think children are simply "born with eczema" don't have a clue. It all starts with digestion. For a host of reasons, certainly influenced by genetics but by in large a result of a toxic environment that's impossible to fully escape in the modern world, peoples' gut microbiomes become more or less damaged/degraded. I suspect this is part of what's causing increasing (in severity and frequency) food allergies in children these days. The body's antibodies/immune system are not working with the kind of microbes (their closest interacting parties and window to their environment) they have evolved to deal with. Consequently the immune system mis-identifies potential foods as toxins - even goes into an anafilaxia, partly because it is ALWAYS on gaurd out of a weakened state (a healthy microbiome is also the immune system's first line of defense), asthma, which eczematic kids also commonly suffer from, is another sort of pathological overdefensiveness of the immune system. But how does this relate to skin disorders? Gut inflammation becomes, straightaway, systemic inflammation. The pump is primed for inflammatory skin disorders by this. Gut inflammation / deteriorated gut flora, also greatly impairs general digestion. Skin is quite literally the outward and most visible aspect of digestion, and especially in children with a genetic predisposition, degraded digestion - and specifically not enough healthy fats being assimilated - can degrade the lipid layer that keeps inflammatory yeasts and bacteria from cultivating the skin. Lastly, gut inflammation opens microscopic fissures in the intestinal lining (leaky gut syndrome) that allows peptides (undigested proteins - think allergic reaction / general inflammation) and SIGNIFICANTLY, unfriendly microbes (yeast and bacteria) to get into the blood and thus (I believe) colonize the skin and potentially other organs from the inside. All kind of scary stuff, I know. But at least this interpretation of the phenomena leads naturally to an approach to treatment and even an eventual cure - the restoration of salubrious microflora. I realize this may be complicated by Kline's dangerous food allergies. Obviously consult a professional or professionals first, which I'm not. But you already know how misleading mainstream doctors can be, and I have basically cured myself of a serious inflammatory bowel disease they said I couldn't by learning to practice my own "medicine" on myself. Though much of this is speculations which science has just begun to connect the dots on, science may not be fast enough for Kline, and while obviously proceeding with extreme caution, probiotics via various means (pill and fermented foods) may be helpful. Also healthy lipids, both eaten and applied topically even where there's no rash (I'm thinking mainly of coconut oil and perhaps tea tree oil for flare-ups) are likely essential. Lastly, you may think this sounds crazy, but an emerging treatment MAY be very helpful. It's called a fecal transplant. Currently it's only indicated for a specific type of chronic bacterial infection, but holistic doctors are conducting these "transplants" for a wider array of disorders, and I expect they will garner dramatic results treating many of these conditions. Briefly put, it is the most complete way to regain a healthy microbiome and thus bestow upon the immune system a more healthy, normal environment in which to work. Mainly I would just stay current on the research for this treatment and see if, over time, it shows itself to be a promising option. In the mean time, the GAPS diet (starting with it's more restrictive, introductory form) could be a good rough outline for you to follow.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story!

  7. Time time and more time for little Kline; he'll kick regular eczema's arse after this, easy! Hugs to the both of you bloody brave troopers! xxx

  8. popped by to see more recent photos of kline and.... DAYUMMMMM who's this dashing little man!? seems like most part of his skin is at least 90% back to normal already (from the photos). the itchy skin can be remedied by baths and moisturizers, i think that's much more manageable than weepy oozing skin!

    i'm glad for you loren :)