Stop topical steroid abuse!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Our home is stuck in the pass....stuck in a better time!

Since Kline started suffering from the topical steroid addiction, time has stayed still. Stuck in a time of pass memories of a healthy child. I have noticed when you look around our house, all the picture I have up are of him when he was healthy.  Not one picture from the last 2 years is up and in a frame.

I am not sure if it's because I don't want to remember any part of these past 2 years of hell or I am just to over whelmed to print out pictures and put them up?  Probably a bit of both.

Maybe once the itchy bastard is completely gone from our lives, I will feel differently. 

The pictures of the last 2 years will be a symbol of Kline's courage and our families determination to stick it out and beat the itchy bastard.

A reminder of what I need to do to help others not suffer like Kline has. 

A reminder of how we should enjoy every second of life with a healthy child, not stuck in the bathroom, which has been where we have lived.

A reminder to me to question authority, especially doctors.

So, until the itchy bastard leaves, I can sit here in my home and see the beautiful pictures of my beautiful boy, with beautiful skin.  Until of course all hell broke loose and he got addicted to the drugs that were making his skin beautiful. 

Here is to a healthy, happy, and itchy bastard free 2014!!!

Xoxox Loren

Kline's update...he is 22 months off steroids which he was on for 2.5 years prescribed by his doctors for eczema.  He still has rough nights....but his days are seeming better......most days he can be out of the tub most of the day.  His skin looks really good except his bad spots, feet, elbow pits, back of knees.  He started ski camp this week, so wish us luck that the itchy bastard stays away for that!!!! Shed it, Kline!


  1. I've been reading a natural healing book, and it says the feet are the LAST spot to heal. As bad as mine have been, I'd believe it! Hoping he heals soon!

  2. I want that gingerbread man costume.

    Love u Kline x

  3. Slow but sure, he is getting there! xo