Stop topical steroid abuse!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Holy moly it's been 2 years since we stopped putting topical steroids on Kline's skin.

Kline's skin while on topical below

Well, here we are 2 yrs, 24 months, 104 weeks and 730 days off of topical steroids.  I thought by now Kline would be itch free. Maybe not eczema free, but the insane itchy bastard free! But, he is flaring again...oozing even in some spots.  His feet are still a Huge challenge and they are the itchiest part of all of his body. 

It seems like our life has always been like this at this point. It's hard to remember a time that skin and itch did not consumer our whole family life.

Emotionally, this month has been challenging for me because I was really thinking deep down that this would be over by now. 

Sure, he is 85% better than 2 yrs ago or even when he was on the steroids, but come on!!! The poor kid has suffered enough! Time to move on itchy bastard!!

As Kline says, " Mom, the itchy monster is a real asshole!"

Yeah, I know he shouldn't be cussing but he is freaking right! The itchy bastard is the biggest asshole I have ever met!

So farewell mother fucker....get out of our home and leave my baby alone for once and for all!!!

Kline pictures during topical steroid withdrawal, he used steroids for + years for eczema.

Month one of no steroids

month 2 off steroids pictures

Month 4-6 off topical steroids, Kline's bloody pj's

Months 6-12 off topical steroids

this was sunburn on his shoulders, be careful in the sun!!

KLine's first boil

KLine's only skin infection...make sure you use apple cider vinegar in the bath!!!

Polar bear club!!

the damn neck!

Itchy bastard go away!!

one year off topical steroids

1 and 1/2 years off topical steroids

an itchy flare...they can last for 10 minutes to 2 hours still and then the skin goes pale again

klines feet now at 2 years are his worst part too..he never had eczema on his feet before tsa!

2 years off topical steroids ...prescribed heavily for 2 years for eczema!!



  1. Hi,

    Your son is like my son.took us 7yrs to get rid of the itch. It started when he was like 6mos old. I know the feeling. Supplements helped him. Iike digestive enzymes, vitD,vitC and probiotics. It took a year of taking these supplements before he got the smooth skin. Hang on there it will get bettet...

  2. Oh and also i changed all detergent to natural soap. I saw this from one blogger that has a son with eczema as well...

  3. Fantastic work Kline and Kline's mummy! Love the sexy nakedness in the sun! x

  4. Oh Loren -- these early pics make me cry -- i know its been such a long journey, but you truly have come soooo far.. Hang in there Mommy -- you are doing a fantastic job and he is well on his way to fully healed. Sweet Kline, YOU are helping SO MANY!!

  5. Being off steroids is so crucial. There are other things that can helps SO much. Have you tried upping vitamin C? It absolutely helps. Another thing that helps is getting enough of the right kinds of fatty acids. Adding fish oil, evening primrose oil, or chia oil. Also, have you been to an allergist to check for foods to avoid? We also HAD to stop vaccinating once we discovered her allergens within them. The thing that made my daughter's go from awful to almost completely clear skin was homeopathy though. I gave a couple doses of over-the -counter homeopathic remedies Rhus Tox and Graphites 30C. They're only about 7 bucks on amazon and transformed our lives. One tip, for the infections, you can eliminate them over night by applying a high grade manuka honey and covering with gauze loosely. Best wishes to you. It can still get better and fast.

  6. So hard to revist Kline's journey off Topical Steroids. But happy to see Kline doing so much better and getting out and enjoying these days. Love you! Love 'em everyday! GMa and GPa

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  8. Steroids are terrible and the sad thing is most dermatologist prescribe them instead of helping to find the cause. My son has a sever egg allergy and this means he can't have any foul (not chicken or Turkey) although he is not allergic to them , they cause flare ups in his skin. we are also Gluten and Dairy free which has help a lot to reduce inflammation. Have you found out what triggers the Eczema ? has Kline been on an elimination diet ?

  9. Well two years, are you looking at trying GAPS again yet? I know my Brenna my newest is my toughest yet. My Venita was only sensitive to gluten. But my newest Brenna, she is even sensitive to butter.. I went through big round of antibiotics right before getting pregnant with her. So I didn't pass on the best health to her. :( It's hard!! I just know that I would have never gotten my kids through GAPS if I had to do it with them! You guys are always in my prayers! xoxo And I started using some new products, it's the only thing me and my kids don't react to. it's the most bare bone natural products you can find on the market, just like making your own, minus the work. Let me know I would be happy to send you and Cline some detergent as a gift! :)

  10. Kline is right - the itchy monster is an asshole! He is looking so great and you have done an amazing job. You guys are my heroes. Your pictures have always helped us feel like we weren't alone and your videos have given Jax and I so many laughs. Thanks so much for blogging! XXOO

  11. Your sons pictures remind me of my sons. Were still playing ring around the rosy with specialists trying to figure out what's causing the flare ups and constant hives. I'd love it if you could email me! Watching my 2.5 year go through this is just about the worst feeling.