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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Holy Hell, this article pissed this allergy mom off!! Be WARNED!!!

Kline's second round of allergy testing age 1

This lady's callous article about food allergies and treats at school pissed me off so badly! So be warned, I will be cussing, as that's what I do to vent! Sorry to offend, I normally offend anyway so nothing new there!

Here is her asinine article

Wtf? really, lady!!!!

The way this woman sweeps our children's deadly and sickness causing food allergies under the rug all for a slice of cake, is insane.  The way she put less weight on intolerance because they are not life threatening that is its OK if your kid eats cake and breaks out in itchy hives or pukes for 3 days after wards, at least they didn't die?

What if her son really loved to read, and more than anything for his birthday he wanted everyone in his class to read out loud to would the parents with kids with learning disabilities feel..their kid is now being singled out in front of the whole class of their differences, their imperfections. No, the teacher wouldn't let that happen!  The teach would do their best to make the LD kid feel normal, and comfortable, as they should!  Why would that not be the same for allergy kids?

What about the kids with diabetes ...should they be singled out too with not being able to eat her dang 'real sugar' cupcakes!  Hey, lets put all the kids that can't eat your sons cupcakes in the corner with signs that say "I am different, something is wrong with me!' while your son enjoy his wonderful sugar fill, gluten filled cupcakes! I thought segregation ended years ago, but I guess I am wrong!

It's Bad enough my kid will have to sit at a special nut free table at school! Carry an epi pen and possible have to use it someday. 

It's bad enough, I will have to worry day in and day out about him at lunch time, snack time, field trips, practices of any kind, ski camp, ok,  pretty much anytime I am not with him, there for protection.. oh my am I a smother mother? Hell yeah!!! You have to be with an allergy kid!!!.

It's bad enough my son won't be able to go to sleepovers and birthday parties outside of school with out me watching out for him or prepacking all of the foods he can eat.

Food is dangerous for Kline, he is anaphalactic to dairy, eggs and all nuts.

Lady, do you know how many freaking time Kline hears,

"No You can't eat that!"

'Wait till I read the ingredients"

"Sorry, honey we can't go out to the restaurant with your friend, they have nothing safe for you to eat there.'

I understand that people will not get this ever 100% unless their kid suffers from it, but come on have a little heart! A little sympathy...your kid may not be able to eat a EGG LACED, GLUTEN LACED, DAIRY LACED cupcake at school but mine never will be able to eat a cupcake at school! EVER! Or any other time either!  He also will never be able to eat school lunch, attend a pizza party, or a pancake breakfast with Santa, and don't even get me started on real egg egg-hunts at Easter....
that's just death in the grass!

Lady, if your biggest complaint in life is that your son can not eat a cupcake in class on his birthday....why the fuck complain? Of all the terrible, horrible fucked up things that are going on in the world..and all the children suffering in the world, your son not being able to eat a cupcake just does not seem to matter!  GET A FUCKING CLUE!

I have changed since watching Kline suffer so much, I CAN'T STAND STUPID SELFISH PEOPLE!

In my opinion schools should not celebrate with food of any kind!!!! Lets train our kids that happiness and celebration does not come from food, but who you are with,  what you are doing, and taking others into consideration. Lets teach our kids what life should really be about, family, friends, being healthy, not what tastes good!

ps. I in no way am saying parents in my son's class should by or bring in foods that are ok for Kline to eat. I know how expensive allergy foods are and how stressful it is to shop for him.  I think if we do away with the treats, that would solve the problem all together! Plus, I would never trust another parent to make something for Kline unless they were my really best friends and got it, which thankfully they do!!!!

Sorry for the vent, but I had to get that shit out!!

One angry allergy mom, Loren