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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A tip for a calm nights rest

We have found something that has helped soothe Kline itch and  helps him be more balanced during sleep. LAVENDER essential oil! (the highest quality of oils is the key)  When Kline gets itchy now,  we add lavender essential oil to his bath to calm him. 

                            His sleep is less interrupted when he takes a calming lavender bath. 

                                        A nice sleep may just be the best thing on the planet!
OK so these are lupines but you get the hint! lol

Warrior boy!

I love no one more on this Planet than my brave brave boy!

Recipes for a calming bath!

We have a large tub....

1/4 Epsoms salt
10 drops of the highest quality lavender, not the stuff at any natural store, it won't have the same medicinal effect! 

And soak! 

Easy as that! Enjoy and relax!

If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils I use for Kline and our whole family email me at to set up a free one on one consult.  

Also I started a Facebook group, essential oils for skin issues and itch.  

Come join and learn more of how essential oils can support your skin. 

We love our essential oils now!!

Love to you all!
Loren and Kline

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