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Monday, July 13, 2015

Paxil no more, give me my wild orange essential oil PLEASE!

( disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and in no way am I saying wild orange should take the place of antidepressants..I am only saying that In my experience wild orange has helped me ween off Paxil and made it a more manageable weening process. I also wish for myself I had tried wild orange or other essential oils before I went right to Paxil.  If you are having suicidal thoughts people contact your doctor! )

So if you've read klines may have noticed I have suffered with depression since pretty much Kline came out and started stressing me out. 😜 The stress of red skin syndrome caused my depression to go insane. Literally! So about 3 years ago I started Paxil to help me cope.  

Now that Kline is doing so much better and we are getting our lives back, I have been trying to get off the Paxil. Well, wouldn't you know, big surprise, call the presses! Paxil has a terrible withdrawal. 

If you just stop Paxil and possible most anti depressants you may be prescribed , you will go insane in the membrane! I am talking take me to the insane asylum asap insane.  So, I tried weening...but I went way to fast. I cut my dose by half...then a few weeks later half again. Coo coo reducoo!!! My anger went out of control , my mental state was just not normal. I literally would either just get insanely angry or I would be balling all day for no reason. I was finding the Paxil withdrawal was way more intense than my depression was before I started Paxil. 

Lucky, I found some great Paxil withdrawal support groups and I found out that I was not the bitchy witchy I thought I was, it was the withdrawal ( well, mostly the withdrawal 😜). I also found out that my withdrawal could take a year or more...going down 1 mg at a time every 4 weeks.  I got the liquid Paxil because trying to cut the pills was not easy and my dose's were never the same.   So, if you are trying to ween of Paxil. Find the groups on Facebook and follow a very slow withdrawal weening process!!!  

While trying to ween I was introduced to a high quality essential oils, wild orange.  ( not available at natural food store, the ones at natural food stores are not the same quality) I started taking it 2 drops under tongue in am) and I was amazed at how much smoother my withdrawal and depression was going.  I was extremely surprised when I accidental ran out of my wild orange and my depression and withdrawal got a million times worse.  I reordered my wild orange and made sure I ordered 2 bottles so I never ran out again.  I truly think this has helped not only my withdrawal but my mental well being.  

Visit Me before I started using wild orange and trying to ween off Paxil here.....

Depression is so depressing! And it can be fatal, I have had the thought of ending it all.  But I must say since I started using wild orange I haven't.  Sure I still have crappy days, I still get angry and sad but I am much more even than before I started taking wild orange.

I wish I had started using wild orange before I started using Paxil..... I am learning that pharmaceutical medications have so many side effects and so many drugs put you into a withdrawal, that I am now looking into medicinal's created by Mother Nature and not man.  

I wanted to share my experience with my wild orange essential oil in case I may help anyone else with depression or if you are having a hard time getting off your anti-depressant.  Essential oils may just make life a little more bearable while you ween! 

If you'd like to know more about how to get your wild orange and receive a free 15 minute essential consult email me or Facebook message me at 

Loren  Beth McCormac 

All the best for your mental wellness!!! 

Orange you glad I didn't say banana! 😜😘

Xoxox One little less crazy mom! 

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