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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kline Update: the later stages of Red Skin Syndrome.. Topical Steroid Addiction Withdrawal

SO, its time for an update on Kline...we have been so busy living life that I havent shared all the fun things he has been doing!!! Kindergarten has been great the last few months..I havent gotten a call to come pick him up for being too itchy in months!!! Huge step forward for us!!

Ski team! What?!?!  He is skiing the slopes of Squaw Valley 2 times a week and was skiing the intermediate slopes by the end of the season!! I am a pretty dang good skier, I must admit, and I had to haul ass to keep up with him!

We have been swimming at a cool indoor pool a few times which he loves and I am going to sigh him up for swim lessons again , which is a huge step since at one time I blogged about how I had to cancel his swim lessons because his skin was too bad when he was ON STEROIDS!

He also wants to do Hip Hop Class to work on his moves, which will be fun to watch!

H e is growing up way to fast and I cant believe he will be 6 in a week...he is living life again and although he has a few spots on him that are being stubborn and his itch isn't complete gone...he is alive and well and so much better than he has been in 3.5 years, even when he was on topical steroids...aka.... cortisone! Happy healing to all!  life does get better! Xoxox Loren and Kline 36 months off topical steroids.
Our BIG BOY!!!

Showing Our Support Always!!!

Skiing with Mommy!

Off with Ski Team!!

Fun with Grammy!!!


Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Fun with His cousins!

UV Light therapy...started in Jan.  we got a machine for our house and it seems like its helps!!!

Kline's first ski race.......self confident and happy big boy!

Taking advantage of Mommy Monkey'in around!!


Dressing up like mommy!

Ice Skating with his friends!

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