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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Please help Abigail!!

Please help!!! This little girls need to see Dr. Rapaport immediately! She is in the same stage of red skin or topical steroid withdrawn as Kline, 29 weeks off, but is only getting worse and she need to see Dr. Rapaport. 

Itsan (international topical steroid addiction network) non profit
 needs funds to help send her from Canada to LA. Please go to

And donate in Abigail's name to help her get better! Her doctors in Canada are no help and send her away not knowing what to do to help her. Anything will help so give what you can!! Thank you so much, Loren and Kline!!! Xoxoxoxoxo


  1. I really wanted to post this anonymously but had to use some account. Anyway, I saw Dr Rapaport and I appreciate that he seems to be one of the only doctors talking about this condition and I really appreciate all the work he has done for the cause, I don't believe you will get much out of a trip to go see him. It would be money better spent making her comfortable and trying to find a doctor in your area that will listen and have a chat with Rapaport. Did Kline go see Rapaport and if so, what was the outcome?

    Her face look exactly the way the bad areas on my skin look right at this moment. Only that I don't have it on my face. That poor dear... I'm in week 15 now.

    I say since the doctors have no clue, it's a good chance, a very good chance it is indeed Steroid induced red skin. Since I myself have gotten a chance to see Rapaport and he was able to tell me it was most likely TSW and RSS but that is about all I got out of the visit. So take that for what it is worth... I hope both Kline and Abigail are both better soon... I hope I am too.

  2. By the way... Feel free to delete my messages, I just wanted to tell you, not everyone else... Just my opinion and I don't want to be a reason why someone wouldn't donate. So actually, if you could delete it, it would make me happy. Thanks

    1. HI mo Jo! I know rapaport can't do a lot for Abigail but he can not work with her doctors until he sees her in person and her doctors are of no help at all. Won't do anything but offer steroids....won't check for infection or anything. So hopefully she will at least get more support after she sees him. Plus having a diagnoses could help the mom feel better about what she is doing. Abigail is in week 30 off steroids same as Kline is just keeps getting worse so hopefully rapaport can figure out why? If there is an allergy or something else, ifection causing the slow if at all progress. Kline did see rapaport and unfortunately time and sunshine are the main healers for this terrible syndrome! I hope you are doing well and thanks! Xoxo Loren