Stop topical steroid abuse!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

91 weeks off topcial steroids and I am sorry to say the itchy bastard is still attacking!

Well, not much new to report, I feel like a broken record that we are all getting sick of listening to. Kline is in another bad flare.  Up all night, till 4 or 7 am and sleeping till 2pm most days. Then in the bath till bed most days.  His feet are pretty bad and super itchy. He screams bloody murder when he gets in the bath because of the boo boo's on his feet and it breaks my heart, all I can do is hold his hand!

I have no idea if he will ever not be itchy.  It's is hard to keep my hopes up when it has been so long. I hope and wish with all my soul that his life gets better than this, that he is not itchy like this forever. Maybe Santa will answer our wishes this year? 

I, on the other hand have been obsessed with my diet and Crossfit!  I love Crossfit and thanks to my local Crossfit Jibboom, in Truckee Ca...I now have a new body, I am the strongest I have ever been, i am super healthy, and I AM one hot mama!

I will share my before and after pictures with you.....I have not shared my before picture much because I
not sure you can tell but his capillaries in his face a freaking out here and all red.  he is super itchy and flaring in the picture.

Sept. 2013

Nov. 15, 2013

was embarrassed but I shouldn't be....our life has been rough and I turned to food and wine...Now I am turning to working out and eating healthy and socializing at the gym!

I had gained 20 lbs, during my miscarried pregnancy and I can say that is all gone and more!

I am going to Kick Ass on the slopes this year, so watch out!!!

Kick ass Mom's, love Loren xooxo