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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween! A Food Allergy Stresser


ok for kline!

"It's Dairy!"

So the itchy bastard stayed away pretty much all day on Halloween!  That was super, and thank god for that!!

It should have been a stress free night then right!?!?

Well, as a mom with a severe food allergy kid, Halloween is always a scary nightmare!

Every house you go to you have to check the candy and make sure it doesn't have nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, etc.

Kline has gotten really good at knowing what candies he can have! It is pretty amazing, how well this kid knows his shit! He can look into a huge bowl of candy and pick out which ones he can have, he is devoted to the cause!

The problem is people don't always let the kids pick their candy...they just drop a handful of candy into the kids bag and push them out the door.

So, if I could suggest something to everyone who hands out candy. Please let the kids pick the candy they want! 

Kline tried hard to do this, but people just thought he was being rude and "shopping" for the candy he wanted.  They did not realize that if he got a bite of a dairy, egg, or nut candy he could die. 

Kline was such a trooper.... If he got a dairy or nut candy....he would just walk back to me, say, "dairy" in a disappointed tone and give me the candy or give it to one of his friends.  I would reassure him that at the next house he may get a candy he could eat. It was sad but sweet and I was very proud of him!!

Actually, I was a fucking fool, because I didn't even bring his epi pen along. What an ass!!!!  Once it gets dark a deadly candy could easily be eaten on accident.

So, next year, I will remember a flash lite to see what the candy is and his epi pen! My Paxil and a nice big glass of wine will help too.

If you could remember to let the kiddos pick their own candy out of your bowl that would be great too,

From one freak of an allergy mom!
Xoxox happy Halloween


  1. I over did it. there were 17 of us (2 babies) so I had my big stroller & each adult had a flash light. l put glow necklaces & bracelets all thru the stroller tires & the kids, even the dog lol. I had a lantern and had lights on the stroller like headlights. I had 2 inhalers and 8 epi pens. the irony is where we TorT there is a major hospital at the end of the street for 8 blocks. I'm such a freak!

  2. Ah yes Halloween, it's scary for us alright as parents of allergic kids. Luca without prompting when he was three started asking politely if he could please have something without nuts and most of the time people have some kind of candy like lolly pops, smarties etc rather than the reeses or snickers. He doesn't get too disappointed and we went with another allergic girl from his class and his best girlfriend who wanting to be like them also was asking for no nuts, cute! Yes always have the epi pen just in case and he has to check with me before eating any as we are going along. I'm so glad you got to get out and have a fun night

  3. We just drop bags of safe candy to neighbors ahead of time. More work up front but many fewer headaches on Halloween.